Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitor Price Monitoring: 5 Ways to Legally Spy on your Rivals

Retaining a loyal customer base is easier said than done, especially amidst the cut-throat competition that exists in the market today. Companies are constantly experiencing a difficult time holding on to their previous customers because the shoppers have so many brands to pick from that they can easily switch from one retailer to another. Still,..

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analyze competitive products

Price Optimization in Retail Industry: Importance of Analyzing the ‘Amazon Effect’ on Sellers

Shopping is no longer confined to ‘carrying shopping baskets’ and taking ‘word-of-the-mouth’ opinion. Today, the internet has made it easier for consumers to shop for their desired goods and receive them on their doorstep. Noticing the change, global manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers have started considering the changing shopping habits of their online shoppers, when optimizing..

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price optimization in retail

Price Optimization in Retail: Key Factors to Consider

Retail price optimization is becoming an essential tool for achieving success in the e-commerce industry. Retailers are finally realizing that it is the chief driver of profits. So why is price optimization in retail that important? Let’s understand it with a few examples. Recently, an article published on Bloomberg has shown that bigger brands like..

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automated web scrapers

5 Reasons why you must you an Automated Web Scraper

Web scraping, as we know, is the act of extracting user data from the internet with the intent of using it for commercial or business purposes. That is why giants like Google, Apple, Bing, etc. rely on web scraping to gain commercial advantage over their competitors by stealing leads, driving sales, hijacking campaigns, monitoring prices..

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competitive pricing intelligence

A Retailer’s Guide to Competitive Pricing Intelligence

Competitive Pricing Intelligence QuellsBusiness Rivals by Evaluating Your Market Position and Avoiding the Drudgery of Complex Data. Here’s how you can earn Handsome Profits in Markets with a High Level of Competition… The growth of online retail, powered by a massive number of customers has made competitive pricing the need of the hour. Competitor-based pricing: a..

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