Pricing intelligence

Will Competitive Pricing Intelligence Ever Rule the World?

Competitive pricing intelligence is a leading force in the world of international retail. Many people have speculated on its increasing role in both domestic and international markets. And those who anticipate that it will become a major factor for businesses have been proven right. Traditionally, competitive pricing intelligence is seen as a trend identifying service…

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Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence and Its Wonders

When somebody makes reference of “artfical intelligence”(AI), what is the primary thing that rings a bell?The vast majority of us envision a multitude of human-like robots taking over humankind, while a few of us, from a more constructive reasoning network, are imagining a splendid future where AI serves them in all conceivable routes from strolling..

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web crawling services

Why You Should Invest in Web Crawling Services

Web crawling is one of the more well known but less understood aspects of digital strategization and brand building. It basically has to do with finding out a multitude of factors that work in making any website successful online. Naturally, having access to this information allows you to decipher the secret to their success and..

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Competitor Price Monitoring

The Next Big Thing in Monitoring Competitor Prices in Real Time

Real-time price monitoring is an industry unto itself. With rapidly growing levels of technological prowess and global interconnectivity, it is now possible for companies to compete on a minutely basis. This is made possible by revolutionary software and analytical platforms which can offer real-time price analysis. Greater business integration and the development of transcontinental market..

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Web data scraping has emerged as the next big thing in the e-commerce world. The pricing strategy

Web Data Scraping: 5 Myths Debunked, 5 Facts Explained!

Web data scraping has emerged as the next big thing in the e-commerce world. The pricing strategy, business insights, competitive intelligence and comparisons derived from online websites is too beneficial to ignore. Knowing that the internet is an endless source of information, it is almost impossible for retailers to utilizethe tremendous amount of data without..

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Automated web scraping

Drive your Content Marketing Strategy with Automated Web Scraping

Content marketing, after competitive price monitoring and retail price optimization, is the third most important strategy for driving traffic to B2C forums. Additionally,it impacts the email marketing and social marketing strategy of e-commerce brands.Unfortunately, it receives less attention. Retailers mainly focus on price optimization, forgetting that they won’t receive traffic on their site unless they..

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