Vital Reasons To Choose Intelligent Pricing

Relevance and longevity of a business in a market is most significantly decided by the prices it labels its products and services with. This becomes further profound when the market zone is extremely competitive. In the latter case competitive pricing can help you make deep inroads into the market share of the existing segment leader…

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Competitive Pricing Intelligence

Know How to Compare, Analyze, and Track Retail Insights with the Aid of Competitive Pricing Intelligence

  With the outburst of the massive growth of in the online retailing business that attracts more and more traffic on a daily basis, pricing competition has become an imperative factor for any business’s growth. The latest data mining technologies are used extensively in competitive pricing intelligence to make the business owners aware of the..

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competitive pricing analysis

PRICING ANALYSIS- A Crucial Aspect of Business

Ecommerce is one of the most competitive market sectors, primarily because of the presence of hundreds of ecommerce websites. With so many options for fulfilling essentially a similar role, each ecommerce firm tries out strategies to convert as much customers as possible. These strategies may include attractive discounts or lucrative deals and offers. Some go..

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competitor price monitoring

How Pricing Optimization can benefit Retailers

Price optimization has become the high on demand methodology in today’s competitive market for retailers wherein it enables them by a timely accumulation of price and product-related data, to predict price behaviors for the products. The key benefits associated with price optimization for retailers are listed below: Accuracy in making Price related Decisions: As the..

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Let’s Understand All About a Social Media Monitoring Tool

In today’s times, each business is registered digitally hence is also marketed the same way and through the social media. Hence, social media monitoring has become very important in terms of being able to track the sales of any business. Social media monitoring is nothing but listening to what is being communicated across the internet..

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What Is Web Scraping

What Is Web Scraping and How Can it Help

In today’s times, the entire world’s information is on the internet. So isn’t it also important to have a back up of what all is there on websites. It may not be easy to copy data from each website onto a local file on a computer as websites does not provide any such options. But..

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