competitor pricing monitoring

Your Ultimate Guide to Competitor Pricing Intelligence

If you are a retail business owner, then this blog is for you. For staying ahead in the tough competitive market, it is essential to have a complete understanding of what your key competitors are doing with their pricing strategy. For any business, having a quality data can be a crucial aspect of the marketing..

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custom data extraction

Power of Custom Data Extraction: A Result-Oriented Approach 

With the introduction of digitization in every aspect of our lives, businesses are no exception to that! As more businesses shift towards digitization, data has become an important part of the success graph. To utilize the data for growth and development, it must first be collected and formatted so that it becomes fit for analysis…

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pricing intelligence platform

Maximize Profits with Pricing Intelligence Platform

The price of a product is an important consideration when making a buying decision. Customers throughout their purchase funnel go through many levels, but pricing is one the aspects almost constant at every level.  If the price of a particular product is very high, there are chances of a business losing significant sales. On the..

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Price Intelligence Software

How to Stay Competitive With Price Intelligence?

The pricing and marketing strategies keep on changing in the e-commerce market to adapt to changing trends and times. It has been observed that on average, a buyer visits at least 3-4 websites before making the buying decision. In the present day and time, researching and exploring products has become effortless for customers. Most online..

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