Pricing is an important aspect of every business. Pricing can make a huge difference in your business growth and structure crucially.

Underpricing can lead to loss and overpricing can make you lose valuable sales. So, what can be done?

Well, you need to find a smart and effective solution that works for you in the long run and also can withstand the market dynamics.

In this blog, we will guide you through the best ways to price your product.

Let us explore.


  1. Understand your Market


Customers are the king. That’s a phrase that you might have heard a million times now. But, it’s true in every sense. As a business, you have to understand what your customers are looking for and where. The market that you want to cater will have its traits.

Study the competitors and carve a base pricing strategy that works for your business. This will help you in withstanding the market fluctuations and dynamics.


  1. What’s Your Pricing Objective?


Every business is different in nature, service and type. Having said that, pricing is no exception. Pricing objectives are also different. For instance, if you are launching a new product you might want to decide on the pricing strategy like whether you want to price low or premium.

Pricing objectives can be as simple as beating your competitors. You can price higher and offer better service or additional features or price lower to attract the same target audience.

A clearly defined pricing objective can let you thrive in your business.


  1. Consider Your Cost-Plus Pricing


Overheads are a basic aspect in deciding the pricing. You just have to lay the costing that you incur and decide on the percentage of profit that you want to earn and voila! You have your pricing.

Cost-plus pricing also considers the factors like industry knowledge, experience, USPs and competitive markets. Many small and medium -sized businesses still follow this way of pricing. And why not, its simple, easy and smart.

If you find difficulty in understanding any kind of pricing strategy then PriceIntelGuru is here to guide you through.


  1. Offers and Discount Promotion


Pricing for a particular time period that’s discounted like BlackFriday sales and the like is also very important to attract new customers and cater to your established clients.

Promotional offers like “free shipping” can attract so many customers. Because during the pandemic, it was one of the most sought-after services.

Pricing accordingly for such instances can make you build a good customer relation.


  1. Competitive Pricing


Businesses have to always consider the competition. Competitive pricing is important to understand. But it’s important that you are not copying but basing a logical and smart pricing that’s ahead of your competition. Intelligent competitive pricing is the forte of PriceIntelGuru. Hire the experts.


There are numerous ways in which you can design the pricing strategy of your business. Whenever you find yourself in a complex situation of pricing, you can always contact us.