E-commerce is all rage these days; shopping through online portals has immensely changed modern shopping trends. The real challenge in running an E-commerce business is keeping up with e market trends and ever-changing consumer psyche. Selling hundreds of products online needs accurate data from the vendors and retailers as well as buyer preferences and feedback on the various products sold. For this, banking on data generated from E-commerce giants like Amazon can be a good idea.

How does it work?

Team WebDataGuru’s technical experts assist you to use our Amazon data extractor solution and pull out accurate and important data from this E-Commerce colossus. Moreover, they help you to integrate the extracted data into your business operations rapidly, easily, and precisely. Our data extraction crawler fetches information efficiently, bringing the requisite data into a structured format and presenting it in your storage type of choice including XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, or to a database like SQL Server or MySQL. You can scrape and export any type of data withthe help of our Amazon data extractor service including product titles, cost, product descriptions, reviews, availability and more.

What are the benefits?

Extracting pricing and other data from a website like Amazon will boost your online business by knowing the product prices and positioning of your biggest competition online and taking smart decisions to promote your own products/brand. Our professionals support you to use this extracted data for appropriate market intelligence,offering a platform to create a flexible marketing strategy for your business to grow.  

Why WedDataGuru?

Intelligent and Automated
We offer intelligent and automated data extraction services.
smart decisions
Smart Decisions
Our web data extraction solutions help you to take smart decisions for your business.
business solutions
Business Solutions
Our professionals work on customer driven business solutions.
Value of Time
We are affordable and understand the value of your precious time.
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