Did you know that the internet has been constantly expanding since 2012? According to the data published by an online blog, every second, nearly one billion web pages add or edit content, 772 photos are published on Instagram, 7548 tweets are published by Twitteratis, 2,573,338 emails are exchanged by users and about 42,943 GB of internet traffic is diverted to different websites. Such big numbers are enough to confuse an e-commerce retailer who has just stepped into the online retail industry.

Probably this is why, online vendors have started using automated web scrapers to extract information that is relevant to their business goals. It includes user data, shopping trends, product prices, reviews, ratings and special deals offered by competitors.

There are 2 ways to extract this information—

•Using comparison sites to manually compare different parameters.
•Using automated web scrapers to extract, sort and utilize just the vital data.

Here are 3 major benefits of using an automated web scraper

1.Conducting Thorough Market Research

A data scraper extracts vital information from research firms, industrial forums, blogs, news sites and survey companies, and combines it in a single report that gives users a brief idea about the changing market trends. This way you can easily identify your target customers, direct and indirect competitors.

2.Improving your Online Visibility

You cannot sell products or services and make money unless you are ‘visible’ in the market. In order to make sales, you will have to show your customers that you are among the top players in your niche. Why? Because brand name is an unavoidable hype! Better visibility is possible through good search engine optimization and social marketing—2 essential factors that add to your brand awareness.

Using the data collected by web scrapers, you can formulate an efficient online strategy for marketing.

3.Lead Generation

Some scrapers collect important user information like email addresses, contact and web URLs that help businesses connect with their target audience. There are better chances of getting a conversion when you’re directly marketing to your potential customers.

Thus, with the help of scrapers, retailers just need to focus on data that is relevant to their business. This saves your time and efforts, and you can focus on your core business procedures.