Websites are increasing quite exponentially and so is the competition. Web data extraction has become indispensable to the online market worldwide. You must be aware that there are over 1 billion websites on the internet today and companies are constantly looking to harness the immense potential of web data extraction for market research and to get an edge in the competitive market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the major benefits of web data extraction and why companies worldwide are using it.

  1. To build effective engagement models

Companies adopt web data extraction in order to create effective engagement models for their current as well as new customers. Data collection, strategy and budget considerations are some of the major aspects which get benefitted by web data scraping. These days companies optimize their market research by outsourcing web data extraction projects.

  1. Data gathering for investments and acquisitions

Web data extraction experts help companies gather vital information related to pricing and products from various marketplaces and big players such as Amazon and Flipkart to name a few. Not just for pricing adjustments, but web data extraction also helps with making vital decisions pertaining to investments and acquisitions. One can easily check out the pricing trends over the years. Whether you want to check out pricing trends a month ago or 4 years ago, you can do that with utmost ease.

  1. Know what customers feel about your product

By outsourcing web data extraction to a reputed web data scraping company in India, you can also get to know what customers feel about your various products. You can rank your products and also come to know your customers’ sentiments about your products. In-fact these days manufacturers and sellers collect this precious data from various repair websites, competitor websites and retail websites. In this way you can find out how convenient and useful your product is for your customer and what they feel about the pricing bit as well.

  1. Find out counterfeit products

This is probably the lesser known benefit of web data extraction for market research, but it really very useful. Here a simple example of real estate market can be considered. A real estate agency can easily find out the price change across multi-listing websites and appraisers on a monthly basis.

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