Web Data Mining

Web Data Mining: Strategies for Extracting Valuable Insights

Imagine this, you launch a new product and suddenly the competitor also does the same and you are caught off-guard! In such situations, business decisions and strategies depend upon the data you have. In today’s day and age, data-driven companies have more chances to win a price war. Web scraping is the very first step..

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Artificial Intelligence in data analytics

Artificial Intelligence: The Game-Changer in Data Analytics

2023 began with a boom of AI that could be used by every business person. ChatGPT took the world by storm. Then slowly, AI is becoming accepted widely across several applications in diverse industries in different forms. But what role does AI play in data analytics? And how does AI data analytics make use of..

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Monitor Competitor Prices

Why go for Monitoring Competitor Prices?

Competitor price monitoring plays a crucial role for the retailers more than ever. There are millions of e-commerce sites on the web. With such fierce competition and ever-changing customer preferences and trends, the scope for error in pricing is less as compared to the past decade. It has become all the more important to monitor..

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Predictive Pricing Analytics

Be Future Ready with Predictive Pricing Analytics

With the introduction of AI and machine learning predictive analytics market is growing. Predictive Pricing analytics is the process of collecting, organizing, and using a massive volume of data to draw conclusions which can contribute to profitable results. The predictive pricing analytics can be used by the sales and marketing departments to develop new pricing..

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competitor price scraping

Make Price Scraping Your Business Aide

In the highly competitive market, it is essential to know what competitors are charging for similar services and products. When a business understands competitor’s pricing strategies, it becomes easy to make informed decisions regarding pricing and staying competitive in the market. Customers these days compare the prices of specific products/ services on various portals before..

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retail price intelligence

Price Intelligence 101: A Guide to Retail Success

It is common for a business to lose business to its competitors due to pricing differences. And for an eCommerce business, it becomes more apparent as there are many companies out there offering the same at a competitive price. If you are looking for a way to stay competitive while optimizing your profit, retail price..

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E-commerce Data Analytics

How E-commerce Data Analytics Can Drive Growth

A business needs strong strategies and careful planning to achieve growth. The sign of a good business is learning from past efforts and testing the future ideas for creating a bright future. Everything boils down to e-commerce data analytics. Analytics help a business go deep into the facts and figures, historical data, and future forecasting…

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retail price optimization

Maximize Revenue with Retail Price Optimization

Pricing plays a crucial role for any business as it helps in earning the required profit margin. It is not as easy to set the prices of products/ services as it seems. Various factors need to be considered and the business must choose the right pricing technique. Retail businesses need to keep pace with market..

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How to Conquer the Market with Competitive Pricing Strategy

How to Conquer the Market with Competitive Pricing Strategy?

For any business, it is essential to have a pricing strategy in place. The ultimate aim of a company is to fetch higher sales and make a decent profit for growth and development. There are several benefits of having a clear and competitive pricing strategy in place. It helps attract buyers and preventing them from..

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