Use Cases

  • Brand Image Protection with Continuous Monitoring for Unauthorized Websites

Fashion is an evergreen and growing industry while it expands in all corners of the world, giving it a global approach. This vast field breadth gives the edge of competition like never before. With pricing and quality of utmost importance as creativity, one needs to have a keen and analytic approach towards business.

Client – A fashion clothing e-commerce website from the UK

  • Challenge: Protect your client’s brand power by uncovering unauthorized discounts and sales flashes.

The client in the recent times was suffering a huge dip in the traffic to the website and sale of its highest sold brand. This lead them to do a little bit of research which lead them to a few websites which were selling their products at a dead cheap rate. The client wanted to scrape through all the fashion clothing websites across the country and find out all such cases of violations

  • Solution

WebDataGuru met with the clients and procured the source websites and the data collection points like the brand, the category of clothing, the minimum price of the product etc. We created crawlers for the source websites and continuous web monitoring was done to track any anomalies in the price of the mentioned brands. The data monitoring was done on a continuous basis and real-time data provided to the client. The client benefited in the following ways:

  • 2 unauthorized flash sales were detected per month & necessary actions were taken
  • The customer traffic on their own website increased with the decrease in flash sales on other websites
  • Increase in market share
  • Their leading clothing brand started showing growth again.
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