Companies of all sizes are already aware of the huge potential of web data scraping, but it still remains an enigma for many. Majority of the companies want to make the most of this latest trend, but because of the sufficient lack of knowledge they end up making mistakes which cost them dearly. In this post, we will share with you the most commonly made mistakes by the businesses and why it is a good idea to hire a reputed company that offers professional web crawling services.

First things first! You got to decide whether you want to manage web crawling in-house or you want to outsource it to a good company with necessary infrastructure, talent and expertise. Majority of times, it is not a good idea to do web data scraping in-house because of the following reasons:

  • According to the best web crawling services providers, web data scraping is not an ordinary thing. It requires immense technological knowledge and employees equipped with such knowledge. If you have a team and infrastructure then you can go for it, otherwise, you had better outsource it.
  • Unless your security requirements/procedures are extremely sensitive, you should outsource web crawling to a web crawling company.
  • If maintenance is not one of the major concerns for your organization, you can choose to do web crawling in house rather than outsourcing it.

Major Web Data Scraping Mistakes

  1. Ignoring Legal Aspects

Linked in’s disputes with companies that tried scraping or scraped data from their website has been one of the most commonly talked about topic of recent times in the business space. Linked in and Facebook have blocked automated web data crawling and you must not try scraping data from these two websites.

  1. Not Having a Fully Dedicated Team

You must know that in-house web data scraping requires a dedicated team of talented web data scraping experts plus business analysts, developers, Q/A’s and sustenance engineers. They will have to do a lot on a dedicated basis. From setting up an infrastructure through to proxy setup, deduping, extracting and data management among others, there is a lot to be done.

  1. Not Focusing on Core Areas

Web data crawling is a complex process and it requires expertise. Not focusing on your core business will cost you a fortune, so you should rather outsource it to a reputed web crawling service provider.

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