Use Cases

  • Consistent Monitoring of Product Price Violating Websites

For the manufacturing industry, the width and breadth of audience of customer acquisition is huge. There are multiple loopholes in this process where the clients sales are breached by unauthorized discounts, sales and promotions. These are areas of high concern and need expertise to be analysed and find optimum solutions for.

Client – A watch manufacturer looking to increase profit margins through online sales.

  • Challenge: Protect your client’s brand power by uncovering unauthorized discounts and sales flashes.

Our client was selling their watches online for quite sometime now. They had authorized more than 500 websites to sell their watches locally and overseas. Lately, they received complaints from several online sellers of their products being sold at huge discounts which affected the sale of their watches through other websites. Manually tracking all these websites to find the culprit took up time of 2 resources and still was not effective.

  • Solution

WebDataGuru created custom web crawlers to scrape through all the 500 websites who were authorized to sell their products. These web crawlers were coded to extract data related to discounts provided on watches on these websites. The heads provided by the client were incorporated. Price monitoring of all these websites was done on a continuous basis. The client benefited from this in the following ways:

  • Many of the websites were offering unauthorized discounts, some of them also caused MAP Violations.
  • The client blacklisted some of the websites
  • The genuine websites earned the trust of the client and helped sell their watches furthermore
  • Due to less discounts, the profit margin offered to the manufacturer also increased.
  • The web crawlers were set up within a time of 3 days
  • The client didn’t have to get involved in any of the technicalities.
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