Use Cases

  • Data extraction from directories for sales leads


The client is a startup planning to setup a sales lead database of relevant businesses to pitch their new ERP software to companies dealing with financial products. Being a start-up they needed a database of customers they can pitch to sell their new solution. Their present database was exhausted and did not give expected results. They wanted crawlers which can browse through Yellow pages, Yelp and other similar directories and extract data like business name, street name, address, phone number, email and website. Currently, the manual exercise was time consuming and did not provide effective results.


We met with the client and understood the requirements. As the client required data of businesses which dealt in financial products. WebDataGuru developed web directory scraper which would scrape through the finalized directories. The crawler was set up within a period of three days. The crawlers scrapped through various directories and collected the required data. As the database was for the whole of UK, there was a huge amount of data accumulated. Moreover, different web directories had different structures so the crawler needed to be evolved regularly. Within 15 days a clean database of sales leads was provided to the client. The client needed the data in XML format and it was provided.


  • The client didn’t have to get involved with the technical aspects of social media scraping
  • Large volumes of data were handled with ease.
  • Clean and fresh data ready to use sales leads were provided to the client in no time.
  • The same exercise would have taken months if done manually, hence saved a lot of time for the client.
  • The client resource didn’t have to waste their time doing this manually.
  • The final aggregated data was provided to the client within 20 days of project finalization.
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