There’s no such thing as too much data. With so much of data access, data extraction has become a need of the hour. The pressing question here is, how to gain optimally from the data extraction? How to have a value addition? Let’s understand in detail.


What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction helps in retrieving, processing and refining raw and unprocessed data. WebDataGuru has an exclusive and specific data extraction software.

There is a data warehouse which absolutely utilizes the incoming flow of data. The process is known as Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL).


Extraction Approach


Logical Extraction

Logical data extraction can be done by two main methods: Full extraction and incremental extraction.

Full Extraction: Complete data is extracted all at once directly from the system source. You don’t have to add any additional logical information. There’s also no need to track any changes since the last extraction.

Incremental Extraction: This kind of extraction deals with the delta changes in the data. The extraction tool by WebDataGuru tracks changes from the last web data extraction.

Physical Extraction

Many times, the data is outdated or will have some restrictions. In such a scenario only, physical extraction is possible. Physical extraction can be done in two methods: online and offline.

Online Extraction: Now, this helps in extracting data from the source by connecting with the source system itself. Data is transferred to the data warehouse.

Offline Extraction: Data can be extracted indirectly from some sort of external sources like flat files, dump files in a distinctive format. Such a process is known as offline extraction.


Why Data Extraction is Essential?


Streamlining data and organizing the same to maximize value is imperative for companies. According to a study, companies spend 20% of their time in reviewing reports and status which can be automated.

Here are a few reasons to consider data extraction:

1: Reduces Human Error

Automated data entry for repetitive tasks can help improve accuracy thereby reducing human errors. It’s not only best for the business but is great for employees too. Which takes us to the next benefit.

2: Simplified Tasks for Employees

As the data entry process is automated, your employees can focus on more productive tasks on hand. Your employees are the real asset and making them feel more satisfied on the job will undoubtedly boost their productivity.

3: Better Decision Making

Business intelligence is driven by accurate data extraction. Web Data Guru offers an easy and simplified ETL tool, paving the way for the better, faster and reliable decision-making process.

4: Predicting Sales Trends

When everything is obsolete in no time, AI is the only lifesaver. Data extraction helps in analyzing the ongoing trends of the market. It can help you study your competitors as well. Real time statistical data can be derived from precise data extraction. Now, that’s something!

5: Improving Customer Experience

Sophisticated software can help you understand your customer better, helping you bring potent changes to boost the customer experience all at once.

6: More Control

With a data extraction tool, you can control the usage of valuable data. Data extraction channels a more consolidated approach and simplifies the process for you to access.


Distinctive Data That Can Be Extracted


Data is like a seamless ocean. You have to dissect only that data which is useful and relevant for your company. Identifying that data is the primary step of data extraction.

There are broadly three types of data that can be extracted:

Consumer data

Financial data

Process performance data


WebDataGuru provides a more comprehensive set of tools including data monitoring, data quality, ETL, data integration and security. Extract data on your terms. Get in touch with us!