Use Cases

  • Generating Filtered and Valuable Leads from Social Media & Corporate Websites

One of the most evidently orthodox yet highly effective and prevalent methods of data collection followed by companies of all sizes and industries is the channels from where the customers provide direct data.

The primary resource is the Company Website, where one can put up forms- or contact information in a way to prompt customers/ clients to send the information necessary enough to kick start the data collection process.

Third party resources may include Industry Associations, Online Articles & Resources, Open Forums, Social Media Interactions, and other web resources.

  • Challenge: Generating Leads from Data Collection

While a lot of data is accessible online, data scraping from the sources mentioned above is more direct and pertains to the particular section of industry, demographic, target audience etc.

Generating potential leads from this data can be a challenge if the data is not upto the requirement of the scope.

  • Solution: Filtered Lead Generation

While WebDataGuru relies on multiple resources for lead generation, the particular necessity of generating leads from data collection revolves around a more focused approach to Social Media leads and Corporate website extraction leads.

Social Media Leads

Data collection from Social Media includes the following platforms:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

These are very specifically targeted data extractions that are designed to revolve around the client requirements. The granularity of these extractions is what evolve these into an efficient resource for lead generation.

The WebDataGuru team applies their data extraction knowledge to evolve these data into leads for sales, marketing, content, B2B and B2C, and other requirements.

Corporate Website Leads

It is a tough task to find out leads that are giving effective results for your competition. One of the sources to dig and play with data and make a better impact of that data in generating leads is to study the trends from your competition.

In the process of doing this, the corporate website leads serve to be a very efficient process for fetching website data extraction leads that will get through to the other side of the field.

Corporate leads are industry specific and can be targeted for products/ services respectively. This narrows down the funnel to a substantial amount and allows to generate campaigns and strategies that will specifically target a certain set of audience.

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