A website crawler is an incredible automated script or program that tracks or ‘crawls’ through web pages and digital data to create an index, based on customized criteria.

While there are many uses for web crawler software, the most popular reason is to collect information online either to keep oneself up-to-date or check the competitor’s information.

Access to price intelligence 

Inexpensive options in the market for website crawler software have critical tools like the price intelligence suite to give businesses an edge over fellow competitors. Deep level analysis of price can optimize opportunities for revenue and sales. This may include structured market intelligence on varied competitor pricing (i.e. discount, shipping, regular), strategic pricing reports, identifying changes in assortment gap and calculating profit margins from accurate product matching.

Adding value to existing information 

With even the most inexpensive and affordable website crawler software, you can find layers of information to help move your business forward. For instance, get accurate data on product pricing by competing markets, their existing inventories, and quarterly impact. Such software is also useful when you intend to actively monitor rise and fall in pricing policies, with the assistance of automatic pricing monitoring tasks.

Lead generation for deeper insights 

If you prefer getting a website crawler software within a limited budget, consider one that provides lead generation services. With focus on a specific target audience,the data output is more organized and can extract sensitive information such as names, phones, emails, addresses, and other classified contact details from customer databases.

With such reliable results, a business owner’s sales team can track down hundreds of potential clients in a matter of hours.In addition, you can choose advanced prospect search tool to continue monitoring audiences over time.