Google Maps has grown to become one of the most accurate sources of data with almost everyone using it on a daily basis. With listings of almost all locations, businesses, shops and vendors, Google maps has become storehouse of a lot of data. If you put this data to good use, you business is likely to flourish. With the help of Google maps extractor, you can easily track this data and use for your maximum benefits. This is highly useful for those looking into understanding trends about target audience, competition and also for telemarketing.  

What are the benefits?

Google maps extractor will rapidly extract useful data like location, including latitude and longitude, city, country, email address, fax, reviews as well as phone number if available. It will run on almost all operating systems, like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can also feed in a particular region or radius in miles or kilometres for specific area wise search. You can also search with relevant keywords.

What are the Features?

An onscreen dashboard which helps you with all the data you have searched for. It supports and enables saving of data in any preferred method of yours. Searching by relevant keywords will help to narrow down your search and give you instant data about specific needs of yours. It also has a proxy management option to prevent IP blocking.  

Why us?

For mass mailing databases, telemarketing or for ecommerce businesses, Google maps extractor has become indispensable. It saves hours of manual labour by automated searches that give you accurate data in an organised manner. Also, our business model is that of Data-as-a-service (DAAS), which will help you most when you are looking for quick, comprehensible data at affordable rates.
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