IMDb is host to the largest directory about information related to movies. Ratings of this site are taken very seriously all over the world and because of it global presence, IMDb can safely be called a huge repository of data. It encompasses various languages and genres. Thus, for any business that is in any aspect related to movies, IMDb extraction can help you with quick resources.

What are the benefits?

IMDb extraction will extract accurate data about the name of the movie, actors and actresses, countries, languages, location, genres, producers, directors, plot summaries, running time and ratings. With key information like this made available to you on the click of a button, you can easily boost your sales or analyse trends. You can search with designated keywords too for a deep search.

What are the Features?

A dashboard will compile all the data and present it to you in a neat and comprehensible way. You can save the data collected in any format of your choice. If needed, you can even send the collected data via email.

Why us?

Scraping data in a systematic manner and making it available very easily to anyone who needs it is our main idea. IMDb extraction which gives to you full knowledge about any kind of movie that you are looking for, will help you store and implement the data in your own business. You can use it for content on your own website too. This software has proved to be essential for all media firms dealing with movies, e-commerce sites or movie bloggers. Data-as-a-service (DAAS), the business model incorporated by us and ensures maximum benefits for those looking for quick data. This reduces manual labour put in by you and gives to you the maximum benefits available.

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