Use Cases

  • Insights on Product Categories with Effective Market Research

Automobiles is a field of automation and the management is seamless with the set industry processes. However, it is affected by many external factors which lead to the heavy competition in the market, making it necessary to have constant analysis and monitoring.

Client – Automobiles reseller wanting to increase customer base by increasing product offering at an ideal price.

  • Challenge: Track Pricing Trends by monitoring prices across thousands of e-tailing websites

The client wanted to extract data of all the different type of cars being sold by resellers across the United States. They needed the brand, the model, the age of the vehicle and most importantly price across categories like SUV, sedan and hatchback. This would result in a significant amount of data to be extracted and analyzed. Moreover, as the data was required for the whole of US, the websites to be crawled were in thousands.

  • Solution

WebDataGuru created a custom web crawler to regularly extract data from thousands of cars selling websites and deploy it. Continuous monitoring of these websites was also set up to ensure any changes in the structure of these websites can be incorporated. A clean and analyzed data was provided to the client by WebDataGuru. The client benefited in the following ways:

  • The client found out that more than 40% of their products needed a price revision to compete with the market competition
  • The client didn’t have to get involved in the technical aspects of the data extraction
  • The price revision helped in increasing the market share of the client.
  • They increased their product offering by 20% owing to the need of the market.
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