Use Cases

  • Monitoring your brand on Social Media platforms


The client launched a new marketing campaign to revamp their brand image in the market. It was a mega campaign which had activities and advertisements on both online and offline platforms. Once the campaign was done, the client wanted to monitor the sentiments of its customers to understand the true effectiveness of their campaign. They wanted to monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find any mentions of their brand/campaign and extract the post, the username, likes, comments or hashtags used.


We met with the client and understood the requirements. The client provided us with the keywords relevant to their campaign and their brand. WebDataGuru created social media scrapers which would extract data from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Since, the purpose of the crawler was to monitor the brand it had to be done on a daily basis. Social media crawlers created by WebDataGuru would crawl these platforms for specific keywords provided by the client. The client had a specific request of receiving the data on everyday basis, and hence, the solution was programmed in such a way to provide daily feeds. The data was provided in CSV format. The provided solution proved that the campaign was successful as the customer perception for the brand had changed to a great extent.


  •  The client didn’t have to get involved with the technical aspects of social media scraping
  • The client understood the true effectiveness of their campaign through the data provided by our social media crawlers.
  •   Monitoring mechanisms were also set up in case there were any changes in the source websites.
  • The client resource didn’t have to waste their time going through thousands of posts and comments to understand customer sentiment.
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