Use Cases

  • Optimum resource allocation for Data Generation & Analysis

The consumer buying behavior has changed dramatically with the onset of e-commerce and emergence of thousands of e-tailing websites. Price has become the defining factor when it comes to selling a product online. The pricing strategy of a retailer defines the market share it holds.

Client – Electronics retailer looking to increase its market share.

  • Challenge: Track Pricing Trends by monitoring prices across thousands of e-tailing websites

Our client was having trouble updating the pricing for their products according to the trend in the online market. The data they used to receive was inconclusive and required a lot of manual work from their resource. This caused a lot of delay in implementing their own pricing strategy and lead to loss of sales.

  • Solution

WebDataGuru provided a perfect solution for their problem by creating web crawlers which provided customized data generation. The data needs of the customer were identified and a specific template was created with all the necessary fields. This made it very easy to make quick analysis from the provided data. The whole process was automated so as to save most of the time of the resource. This way the resource could spend more time on analyzing and taking decisions rather than wasting time on tedious data management. This helped in implementation of a flawless pricing strategy for all categories of their electronic goods and increased their market share.

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