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Precise & dynamic information
Enhance your pricing intelligence capability by capitalizing our accuracy and our reduced data collection time.
e-Retail pricing intelligence
Real time price extraction from leading ecommerce sites e.g. amazon, ebay
Hotel pricing intelligence
Real time hotel room price extraction from leading travel and hospitality portals
Easy setup & customization
Rapid solution deployment and maximum flexibility to accommodate your unique pricing strategy
Why work together

Why work together

Well, almost every data extraction provider says they are expert and they should be chosen. So how exactly are we different? What value do we add to our customers businesses? To know this, you should be looking for answers of some key questions listed below…
1. Do we merely do as directed?

No, we also share meaningful and beneficial data suggestions for your business.

3. How do we handle frequent website changes?

Our data collection tools are sensitive to frequent content changes by websites and raise necessary quck update alert.

2. Are our solutions simple but intelligent and scalable?

Our custom data solutions focus on simplicity and have scalability to suit your growth.

4. What is our approach towards customer care and satisfaction?

A dedicated account manager, prompt response, detailed training walk-through are salient indicators of our customer-centric approach.

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