Develop most optimized pricing strategy by getting real-time competitive pricing information. Our highly customizable service helps you track and analyze competitor’s prices in the most accurate and detailed fashion.

Explore the pricing intelligence treasure

WebDataGuru’s pricing intelligence service unearths the real eCommerce treasure for you which lies in remaining a step ahead of competition by outpricing them. Be it various prices- List Price, Discounted Price, Shipping Cost or inventory availability, we pick it straight out of your competitors’ courtyard and bring it to you in form of tailormade, smart, easy-to-use reports.

pricing intelligence for retailers

Transform competitive information into lucrative opportunities

Ability to analyze competitive information from various angles  e.g. category, brand, or any other required criteria combined with an easy-to-use interface empowers you to swiftly identify and act upon attractive pricing opportunities. You can also set email alerts to closely monitor changes in products of your interest.

Price Distribution

price optimization for retail
price optimization for retail
pricing intelligence tools
pricing intelligence tools

Fine Tune your pricing plan with customized views

Our Price Intelligence service offers all that you need to make your pricing strategy competitive and data driven in the true sense. It gives you a holistic view of the constantly changing market which can be tailormade to your minutest needs! Not just that, historical data enables you to compare price movements over time. The ability to track price changes and get real time alerts about major price changes works wonders for your pricing strategy


price intelligence tools

Plug-and-Play Integration

pricing intelligence software

Tailormade Solution Just for You!

price intelligence solutions

Swift Turnaround Time

pricing intelligence for retailers

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