The year 2020 made us unlearn and relearn everything. It also had an adverse effect on the dynamics of world economics. The complete pricing strategy for the year took a nosedive on account of the ongoing pandemic. Driving profitable outcomes and monitoring competitor price has never been this vital before.

How to have a new pricing strategy? You ask. Let us guide you through this article.

Price monitoring tools that were used before will not work in the constantly changing market. Price monitoring tools like WebDataGuru offers will give a better perspective and more concrete competitive price evaluation.


Why New Pricing Strategy?

As we all know that, today’s digital age has brought the whole world to our fingertips. Every day people are scrolling through almost 90 meters of content over the internet via different platforms and this is substantially increasing with time. People buy, sell and compare everything on their phones. Therefore, the first step is to evaluate your product pricing in the competitive market.

This helps in gathering precise and valuable information to adapt a new strategy for your pricing. Develop the most optimized pricing strategy to stand out in the fast-paced market.

Knowing your market position will help you determine the overall strategy for your company. Beating competitors should not be the sole goal for your strategy. Rather, a simplified pricing strategy should be your priority.


New Pricing Strategy For 2021


Data scraping tool

Data extraction and data scraping tools are the most pocket-friendly ones for small and medium-sized businesses. An efficient and contemporary e-commerce strategy will enable you to increase conversions.

Pricing Intelligence

Monitoring competitor pricing is very crucial, just like you analyze your own company models. Therefore, pricing intelligence software like WebDataGuru, offers a wide range of tools for analysis.

Global price dynamics

Global retailers, e-commerce websites, consumer brands and open market places can boost their pricing strategy and explore newer market scenarios with price monitoring software/platforms.

Market monitoring tools

Tracking the market dynamics can give you insights into your business as well. Market monitoring and analytics offered by WebDataGuru can bridge the gap between what is and what could be for your organization.

You can track product reviews, your competitors’ SWOT analysis, financial performances and the current trends via this tool.

Retail benefit

Boosting your game in the market with pricing is the most successful strategy. Every buyer compares different criteria before finalizing on buying a product and pricing does make a difference in that decision-making process.

Consumer experience

Optimizing the price via the tools is not enough to be on your buyer’s mind. Up your game by enhancing the consumer experience before, during and after the sales and it will make you stand out from your competitors.

Studying the new entrants

Pricing tools help you understand the newcomers entering the market. According to a study, in 2020 because of covid-19, many brands entered in the eMarket. The competition also increased three folds.

WebDataGuru’s pricing tool helps you gain knowledge and experience to hold your market position.

Post-Christmas promotions are an expectation of customers. But this year customers who were planning to buy popular brands in the month of January encountered price hikes instead of promotions.

Don’t make your buyers go through the same ordeal by understanding better pricing strategy with real-time competitor pricing offered by WebDataGuru.

Market base prices help you determine better pricing policies for your company. The new year will bring in new sales opportunities only if you are willing to take newer strategies and newer roads for your business.