Tailormade to your wish!
WebDataGuru can easily fully customize any product for your needs e.g. you might wish to add data fields other than standard offerings or change the search criteria
Speed, context sensitivity, accuracy
All the extractors use optimized algorithms which results in super quick data collection along with accuracy and meaningfulness
User Friendly Features
Loaded with user friendly features: Scheduler: daily/weekly/monthly, Pause/Resume, one click feedback and help, automatic sending of extracted data via email
Quality, not just quantity!
Data sanitization and de-duplicaton is automatically taken care of by our extractor application.
Easy and quick update
When websites change frequently our products’ in-built ability to raise alerts comes handy. We can very quickly update the product accordingly.
No Maze of Licenses!
Buy WebDataGuru’s web data extractors once and run on as many machines as you like!

WebDataGuru’s web data extraction and web scraping products

100+ extractors running successfully across the world! More than 7 years of experience!

How our products can help your business

WebDataGuru’s extractors fetch web content in form of structured data which can be stored in a database/spreadsheet for you to analyze and take well informed and prompt business decisions.

Business cases for using WebDataGuru’s extractors

Example uses of data extracted from target websites are lead generation, price comparison, product intelligence, data aggregation, retail and distribution chain monitoring, customer sentiment monitoring.

Product Highlights

  1. Single screen dashboard which shows current status, result count
  2. Option for storing extracted data in CSV, Excel, HTML, XML.
  3. Compatible across Windows Vista/7/8 and even XP!

Limitations of standard version

The standard version of all products will allow:
1. Maximum 4 input criteria.
2. Maximum 15 output fields.
3. Daily maximum 20000 extractions.

How to buy the best web extraction product

Step 1
You send us an email specifying requirements.
Step 2
We get back to you within 24 hours of your email
Step 3
If required we quickly chat or talk over Skype/phone
Step 4
We both finalize the order formalities.
Step 5
That’s it! We deliver the application within 48 hours!

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WebDataGuru, a new benchmark in web data extraction!

Product Philosophy

WebDataGuru believes to keep all its products user perspective driven. We firmly believe that technological advances in our products should serve business purpose for our customers.

Product Platform and Architecture

Our data extraction products are based on a robust platform and have a scalable architecture which can fetch unstructured data from various data sources , convert into business readable format and deliver in form of various industry complaint interfaces.

Cost Advantage

WebDataGuru dramatically reduces the cost of Web data extraction using economy of scale. Moreover, our web extraction products can be deployed quickly and intuitively even by non-programmers thus bringing costs downwards and taking productivity upwards!