Retail is a rewarding as well as a risky business. The result depends on how you approach it. Contemporary retail space is extremely competitive and with more and retailers adopting latest pricing intelligence strategies, the competition is bound to get even more cut-throat. When customers find your pricing unreasonable or higher in comparison, they would happily walk away elsewhere to make the most of their hard earned money.
In this post, we will see why pricing intelligence matters to you as a retailer and how it can benefit you.

1.Make educated pricing changes

Product pricing changes in today’s competitive retail sector. You need well informed pricing changes. That’s where pricing intelligence comes into picture. You can track, monitor and analyze pricing data to make the right decisions.

2.Better than traditional methods

Pricing intelligence is way better than conventional pricing methods. Since, the conventional methods rely on manual efforts, they are inaccurate and inefficient. They cannot be relied upon. By the time you analyze the data, it’s time to gather and analyze the data again because of the rapidly changing scenarios.

3.Create an efficient pricing strategy

After identifying potential competitors on the basis of similar products or pricing, you must take a look at the historical trends. See if the pricing drops around a certain season or time of the year. This will help you create an efficient pricing strategy. Watch for Black Friday and Back to School promotional offers. You need to keep an eye on the market trends to make an efficient pricing strategy.


Pricing intelligently allows you to take action when they matter the most. If you do not take actions in time then pricing intelligently is of no use. The data is at your disposal so that you can take actions and make the most of them. You need to take actions as the market changes. There is no point in gathering the data and take actions after 3 months as they would be irrelevant then. You would need a different pricing strategy at that time.

If you are a retailer, it is time to include an efficient pricing strategy in your plan. You need professional experience and expertise for the same. Hire a company offering pricing intelligence solutions. WebDataGuru is a celebrated pricing intelligence service provider offering cutting-edge solutions to hundreds of retailers across the globe. Feel free to write in to us and share your requirements with us.