Use Cases

  • Scraping through customer websites for Product Pricing


The client was a leading mobile phone distributor who had their products listed on 25 odd customers websites. The client used to manually track their products on all these websites for competitor prices, their own product pricing and customer reviews of their products. The client had to dedicate a resource solely for this activity and yet the results were not up to the mark because manual scrapping was always tedious and liable to errors. They wanted ecommerce crawlers to extract data from these specific websites in order to analyze product pricing trends viz a viz competition and obtain customer reviews to understand how their products were fairing in the market.


We met with the client and understood the requirements. The client provided us with the list of customer websites to be scrapped for product name, product price, category, competitor price and customer review. They needed the data on a weekly basis. WebDataGuru created ecommerce crawlers which scraped through all these websites and provided clean data at the end of the week. Around 700 client products were scrapped from 25 websites and required data was provided. The client requested for the data in XML format & the same was provided to them. The data was easy to analyze, and hence, saved a lot of time of their resource.


  • The client didn’t have to get involved with the technical aspects of social media scraping
  • Clean and fresh data was received by the client which made analysis and decision making easy.
  • Management was able to get a deeper understand of their product pricing, competitor pricing and came to know what their customers thought of their products.
  • The clients resource could now invest more of their time on analyzing & proposing solutions than wasting time on gathering information from customer websites.
  • Monitoring mechanisms were also set up in case there were any changes in the source websites.
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