Our Solution Highlights

Limitless Content Extraction
Our web crawler software is based on a solution that allows unlimited data extraction. The built in crawler explores emails, images, URLs, IP addresses, phone numbers, feeds, files and documents and extract valuable data for your business. This easy-to-use software knows how to get your content from any websites or online sources.
Fully Configurable
Our custom web crawler allows you appropriate configurations and customization to accomplish your web content extraction needs. This option allows the user to download the targeted pages and contents. Allow you to set your filters as per your need. The fully configurable crawler toolbar can be a big help for you to extract the exact data from a website. Filter and deep configuration can be saved with associated URLs, which will help in hassle-free re-extraction sooner or later.
Easy to Use
Our web capture software allows the user greatest convenience. The software support various features for the easy use of contents and documents mined from the online sources. The tool is powerful enough to get your web content extraction task easy and meaningful. The software crawls to many different websites and collect the content as per the set criteria. The extracted content or the sites can be saved locally and can be viewed as a fully browsable website at ease even if there is no internet connection.
Our web crawler tool is completely built on the philosophy of providing safe web crawling. Our crawler software is 100% safe and does not have any malicious components. As we wholly believe in safety and security of the data mining process, the solution we provide allows you to visit useful web pages and at the same time prevent you from visiting the web sites that you don’t want your crawler to visit. This Web page scraping tool has the ability to crawl to password protected websites and websites behind firewalls.

Why WebDataGuru is your right partner?

WebDataGuru possess extensive experience in providing solution on data extraction software. Our long term experience in the field guides us to come up with the right solutions for your data mining endeavour. Our web crawler is built based on the incredible configuration solution which makes even the most complicated tasks simplified. Our dedicated team of researchers and developers figure out the solution that takes care all of your data extraction needs. We believe in providing ultimate support to those who seek data collection software solutions.
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