Quick, Reliable, & Custom Web Data Extraction & Scraping

Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team ensure accurate and reliable data extraction from any website, saving you valuable time and effort.

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Custom Web Data Extraction and Scraping for Every Need

Custom Data Extraction

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Web Data Extraction Services

From web scraping for competitor analysis, pricing intelligence, to retail insights, we deliver real-time, accurate, and reliable data tailored to your unique needs. Scrape practically any site quickly, accurately and hassle-free.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage With Our Pricing Intelligence Platform

Gain a competitive edge in pricing strategy with our AI-enabled retail pricing intelligence tools. 
By monitoring competitor prices in real-time, we equip you with valuable insights to optimize your pricing and stay ahead in the market.

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Data Analytics

Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights

Transform your data into actionable insights with our comprehensive data analytics solutions. Our team excel in interpreting and analyzing data, providing you with valuable information that helps drive strategic business decisions.

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market research

Unlock Market Insights With Advanced Research Capabilities

Leverage sophisticated data extraction tech to delve deep into market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes. Our comprehensive market research services provide you with the actionable insights needed to make informed strategic decisions and stay ahead in your industry.

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Data delivery

Data Delivered the Way You Need It
Our highly customised data delivery is designed to give you the data you need, tailored specifically for your business.
Our flexible DaaS model provides your data in any file format, delivered through your desired method.

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All your data in one place; analyze your data and easily create reports on our easy-to-use platform.

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Plug & Play Access

Seamlessly gather and integrate pricing data with your system via API.

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Giving Businesses the Data and Insights to Grow Across Every Industry
Unlock competitive pricing strategies and tailor your product offerings with actionable e-commerce insights.

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Drive sales with immediate pricing strategies based on competitor actions.

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Industrial supply
Key data insights for procurement, inventory management, logistics, and distribution,

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Insights into manufacturing trends, production efficiencies, and market demands to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

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Make pricing decisions quicker, easier, & more accurately

Price Intelligence for eCommerce businesses


Statistical Key Facts

Empowering global insights with data coverage across over 50 countries
Over 500 million records successfully extracted and supplied to our customers.
Trusted by 10+ Fortune 500 companies for strategic data  extraction solutions.
Expertly extracted data from over 10,000 websites, globally.
20+ TB of data, including text and images, extracted to date.
100% Accuracy
Achieving 100% accuracy in data extraction, ensuring precision in every detail.
100% on Time
Delivering 100% of data on schedule, ensuring timely insights for your decisions.
Serving over 100 industries, from manufacturing to sales and marketing.

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Data Quality

Reliable, Accurate Data With Webdataguru

Import compatibility layer
Smoothly importable
Complies customer’s system requirements
Analytics compatibility layer
Analytics-friendly data structure
Post-processing test
Data semantics layer
Conforms Business Requirements
Data accuracy layer
Accuracy % as per SLA
Perfects Classification
100% Authentic
Image accuracy layer
Clean Product Images
Crystal Clear Screenshots
Conspicuous data points
Data sufficiency layer
Volume as per SLA
Extraction of all available info

How it works

Tired of Web Scraping Hassles?

Simply send us your requirements, and we'll deliver the data you need—no hassle, no complex setups. Forget about handling multiple processes, proxy servers, maintenance, ongoing monitoring, and quality assurance. We take care of everything from systems to software, ensuring you receive high-quality, reliable data effortlessly.

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“The reliability of the service is what appealed to us the most. Our business thrives by offering 100% credible information to our customers and WebDataGuru promised relevant data from the most credible online sources. Their services are also very budget-friendly which offers smaller companies like us a fair chance to greater success! We will certainly go back to WebDataGuru for more and more industry-related information!”

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A path breaking real estate solutions provider

— San Francisco, USA

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