Custom Data Extraction Tailored to Give You Better Business Insight

We offer easy-to-use, customizable web data extraction services tailored to fit your needs, ensuring fast information retrieval and complete process automation.

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what we offer

Custom, scalable, and intelligent web data extraction for your business
Ideal for creating databases from diverse data types. WebDataGuru assists your business in custom data extraction, from harvesting URLs, analyzing product prices, eCommerce insights, to virtually anything available on the web.
Intelligent and scalable solutions

Our custom data extraction utilizes innovative technology that scales with your business needs.
High-speed custom web crawlers

Tailored to deliver the precise data solutions required for your business challenges.
Efficient data scraping from multiple sources

Maximize relevance and breadth of data collected for superior business intelligence.

Use cases

Key uses of our custom data extraction
Competitive pricing
Unlock insights into market dynamics and pricing strategies.
Market Research
Empower your strategic decisions with comprehensive data analysis.


A powerful pricing tool for any industry
Unlock competitive pricing strategies and tailor your product offerings with actionable e-commerce insights.

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Drive sales with immediate pricing strategies based on competitor actions.

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Industrial supply
Key data insights for procurement, inventory management, logistics, and distribution,

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Insights into manufacturing trends, production efficiencies, and market demands to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

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Make pricing decisions quicker, easier, & more accurately

Price Intelligence for eCommerce businesses

why webdataguru

Why we excell at custom data extraction
Making raw data meaningful
We transform complex data sets into actionable insights personalized to your business.
Diversification of sources

Broaden your analytical perspective with data from diverse sources.
Extracting enormous data
Our technology captures large and complex data sets, including images, for comprehensive analysis.

Our Clients


“The reliability of the service is what appealed to us the most. Our business thrives by offering 100% credible information to our customers and WebDataGuru promised relevant data from the most credible online sources. Their services are also very budget-friendly which offers smaller companies like us a fair chance to greater success! We will certainly go back to WebDataGuru for more and more industry-related information!”

Business Intelligence Head

A path breaking real estate solutions provider

— San Francisco, USA

Business Intelligence Head