Competitive and Pricing Intelligence

Gain control over your reputation through instant updates on comments and reviews from website users.
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Social Media Intelligence

Gain control over your reputation through instant updates on comments and reviews from website users.
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Lead Generation

Streamline your customer database by adding lesser known details such as professional affiliations, career profiles and education.
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Content & News Aggregation and Augmentation

Provide access to a host of news by aggregating news content from a wide range of online sources.
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Market Research

Use high quality market analytics to retain accurate customer feedback across various marketplaces and review websites.
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Search Engine Automation

Have the competitive edge by offering one of a kind, quality content through improved news feeds, supplemented by…
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Salient features of our service



Delivering well-structured data with absolute accuracy is a vital part of our service, but our quality philosophy goes much beyond that. We strive to ensure you get data which is not merely correct but makes business sense in the context of your business need.



We can extract and manage enormously huge databases across any no. of sources. A case in point is daily extraction of entire databases of 100+ industrial parts e-Commerce portals each selling millions of parts.



All the enormity of data points can go in vein if the data, which enables you to take right decision, is not supplied to you at right time! The promptness of our service capability and support system ensures this.



WebDataGuru gives ultimate flexibility in the customer’s hand. You can choose any frequency e.g. daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly and any data format e.g. XLSX, CSV, SQL, JSON, XML.  Moreover, you can get us to do any kind of post-extraction data processing e.g. pricing decision using complex algorithm based on extracted prices.

What we are best at

Making raw data meaningful

Making raw data

Not just garbage cleaning, we can find needle in a haystack
for you.

Diversification of Sources

Diversification of Sources

We can bring your desired data from anywhere- Social Media like
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram , Business directories like Yelp,
Yelllowpages, eCommerce portals like Amazon & eBay, Real Estate
portals like Trulia, Zillow- there is no limit to the possibilities!

Extracting Enormous Data with Images

Extracting Enormous
Data with Images 

Our capability of extracting humongous data and present it meaningfully
gives you real edge e.g. you can get entire database of dozens of
websites selling millions of products along with their images.

Cracking toughnuts

Cracking tough

Like mining of minerals, Data Mining
too comes with its own challenges-stubborn sources, blockades, curbs on bulk mining and what not!WebData Guru cruises through all of them and brings you the data you need.


Wide Industry Coverage

Our service caters to plethora of industries and sectors: Automotives and Auto-Parts, e-Commerce, Industrial Supply, Finance, Banking, Legal, Health, Food, Electronics….the list is endless.

Simple, Scalable and Coansistent service

Value our commitments & principles , Provide accurate project reporting , Strive for highest ethical standards

Customer Centric Philosophy

Project focused to provide top notch result , Offer best recommendation for Project , Deliver Project which brings triumph

Prompt and Reliable Support

Believe in clear client communication , Value the rights & interest of Clients , Value the rights & interest of Employees


Gain Competitive Intelligence Through Web Data Extraction

The Why and How of gathering Pricing Intelligence


WebDataGuru empowers enterprise with competitor pricing data

With a history that dates back to early 1900s, our client is a technology leader…..

WebDataGuru makes a mark in the real estate industry too!

Our client is an expert in offering email marketing services for commercial….

White Papers

The Why and How of gathering Pricing Intelligence

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Case Studies

WebDataGuru empowers enterprise with competitor pricing data

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Use Cases

Monitor the Web to Prevent Your Brands from Being Victimized by Price Erosion

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