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The reliability of the service is what appealed to us the most. Our business thrives by offering 100% credible information to our customers and WebDataGuru promised relevant data from the most credible online sources. Their services are also very budget-friendly which offers smaller companies like us a fair chance to greater success! We will certainly go back to WebDataGuru for more and more industry-related information!
Business Intelligence Head
A path breaking real estate solutions provider
San Francisco, USA
We have worked previously with several companies that offer Data-as-a-service and WebDataGuru has by far been the most professional one. Also, one of the prime challenges we faced with previous service providers was obtaining information on a real-time basis. WebDataGuru resolved this issue for us with ease. They are extremely proficient and offer personalized service for each client. After partnering with WebDataGuru, we are now able to enjoy great savings through smart pricing strategies.
Product Manager
A global leader in the auto parts distribution
Washington, USA
At a time when we were grappling with challenges posed by the highly dynamic industry environment, WebDataGuru came like a boon. We had a specialist from the team work closely with ours and come up with the most viable sales intelligence solution. Not only did they build a solid database, they also created a service to update it daily with relevant information. It was amazing to watch how WebDataGuru handled millions of records with ease
Sales and marketing team
A leading publishing firm
Sydney, Australia
We had a very challenging requirement of a bespoke service to extract not just pricing but also the screen evidence. It involved numerous complex criteria. We had tried several service providers with little success and were not quite hopeful when we went to WebDataGuru. The information we wanted to extract was for evidence purpose so it had to be 200% accurate! There was simply no scope for mistakes. Luckily, WebDataGuru had the expertise and the experience to handle this business challenge in the most professional manner. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend WebDataGuru to other businesses too.
A large legal firm
Manchester, United Kingdom
Email marketing is one of the most important tools to be used in real estate marketing and WebDataGuru has allowed us to take complete advantage of this powerful tool. WebDataGuru very efficiently took care of generating database for our blast email campaign. Through partnering with WebDataGuru we have achieved a healthy email list that offers both minimum bounce rate and maximum CTR. This has made a wide difference and we would always thank WebDataGuru for such professionalism
Marketing Team
A leading real estate email service provider
Florida, USA
We are from the world of Ecommerce where competition is at its peak and pricing appropriately is a rule. To be successful as an online retailer we must be aware of competitor pricing and changes in prices on a daily basis. WebDataGuru’s pricing intelligence service proved to be incredibly productive and helpful towards this purpose- our overall revenue has increased and the number of visitors to our website has almost doubled within a short span of 3 months!!
Sales team
A leading online tyre seller
Glasgow, United Kingdom

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