To extract data from the different websites can be quite cumbersome if done manually. It not only takes hours to do this but can also be frustrating as it may involve copying and pasting certain texts and images and hence is not a very productive way to extract the data.

A good web content extractor service provider can assist in increasing the productivity as well as effectiveness in extracting the website content. It should be able to extract highly accurate data which is user-friendly and wizard-driven.

Extracting Different Types of Data

Some important tasks like social media extraction, yellow pages or business directory extraction, e-commerce extraction and real estate extraction can be done through various web content extractor services available.

Quick and Easy Data Extraction

It also has a powerful web crawler engine which can provide data fast and in an efficient manner. It can not only extract data quickly and effectively from password protected sites but also download from many different threads at the same time.

Export Data Easily in User-Friendly Formats

You can not only extract the data but also export it in different formats like XLSX, CSV, SQL, JSON, XML etc, which can be used to analyze the data or export it to any other application like the FTP or a database.


Even though the program extracts data in a certain format, it is easily possible to make changes in the format or program’s choice if you wish.


The data extracted from this tool can be trusted completely as it is completely verified, accurate and reliable.

Schedule Extraction

You can also use a series of command line options to schedule data extraction at certain intervals. You can easily automate this program as well.