At the bottom of a plethora of services and solutions that we provide is collection of valid data from the internet.

At present, we mainly cater to the following areas:-
  • Custom Data Extraction
  • Lead Generation
  • Pricing Intelligence
Price Optimization in Retail

Custom Data Extraction

Ideally suited for one-time data extract requirements, we can fetch your desired data from practically any Internet site and provide it to you in any desired format.

WebDataGuru provides you the combined power of its web data extraction tools with advanced analytical capabilities.

Lead Generation

Even the very best sales talent can do little in absence of quality leads and that is where our lead generation capabilities excel!

Our solution provides a lethal combination of automation and verification so that only error free and de-duped data reaches you!

Pricing Intelligence

To stay ahead of the curve in business today it is vital to have real time, accurate intelligence about your competitors’ pricing, inventory, seasonal impact etc.

WebDataGuru provides you competitor’s pricing information and can also schedule specific pricing monitoring tasks based on your needs.

Business Insight
Our business insight enables us to understand your business requirements and also provide value adding suggestions.
Value Addition
We provide valuable information over and above raw data so that extracted data makes sense for your business.
User Perspective
A key skill of our team is the ability to put oneself into the customer’s shoes and see things from the user’s perspective.
Simple yet Intelligent!!
Focus on simplicity, scalability and sensitivity to frequent changes by websites is a key attribute of our solutions.
Our team continuously explores best trends in technology which help us keep our services and solutions efficient and optimized.
Customer Centric Approach
A dedicated account manager, prompt response, detailed training walk-through are a few indicators of our customer-centric model.
  • Custom Web Crawler
  • Consulting Services
  • Web Data Mining from deep web
  • Content Integration
  • Corporate websites extraction
  • Social media extraction
  • Directory extraction
  • Classifieds extraction
  • Retail Pricing Intelligence
  • Automotive Pricing Intelligence
  • Travel Pricing Intelligence
  • Hotel Pricing Intelligence