E-commerce has people hooked to online shopping everywhere. With Amazon being one of the most popular sites worldwide, it is also a huge storehouse of data. If collected and used systematically, this data can help you in innumerable ways. Especially if you looking into venturing into the e-commerce sector, data from vendors, sellers and buyers will prove crucial for your business. Amazon Data Extractor aims to help you with this aspect of your business.

Amazon Data Extractor
pulls out data from the site and presents it to you in a comprehensive manner which you can integrate in your own business operations rapidly and easily. From category, cost, description of the product, quantities available, manufacturer, customer reviews, shipping costs, ratings and every little details, Amazon Data Extractor can fetch these easily and quickly. It also uses controlled crawl to avoid bot detection. You can also search with in depth keywords to get optimum benefits.

An on screen dashboard which will contain all relevant data is the easiest way for you. You have to option to use specific crawl delays if you so prefer. Saving the data is completely up toyou and you can save it in any format of your choice, namely XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, or on a database like SQL Server or MySQL.

Why us:
One of the key aspects for your e-commerce business will be knowing competition in the market and data scraped by Amazon Data Extractor will enable you to get an accurate idea about the same. Marketing strategies can be developed easily after closely analysing consumer trends. Also, our business model is that of Data-as-a-service (DAAS), which will help you most when you are looking for quick, comprehensible data.

For more details, you can click on the link below. We are also available for swift communications over email/phone should you prefer that mode.