Every company looks to gain a competitive edge in the market today and utilizing web scraping technologies is a great way to start. The purpose of a web scraping service is to scan and collect relevant data for you from websites and other sources on the internet.

Some of the information you can request for includes inventory, location, customer data, pricing, etc. This is also very specific to the type of business you are in – a contractor will look for different variables such as budget, timelines and quality of deliverables, while a departmental store will want data such as age groups, promotions and supplies stocked.

Here are some pointers on why using a web scraping service can be beneficial for you:

– Access to the latest information: To survive in a highly competitive industry, getting real-time information can change how you approach your market strategy for the better. You can access data at all levels, whether it is from analytics and market research firms, contact databases, corporate write-ups or news websites. You no longer have to take guesses on what your competitors are doing and can depend on reliable numbers.


– Get immediate alerts on data updates: Keeping track of important personnel in competing organizations can alert you to take action immediately. For instance, if someone on the senior management is removed from the staff page, it is a potential opportunity for your team members to maximise on that opportunity.


– For Search Engine Optimisation: You can give your organic search traffic a boost by utilizing web scraping in a targeted manner for search engine optimization (SEO). Monitor the kinds of keywords or phrases your competitors are using for best results. You can also access webpage clicks, visual elements, text descriptions and more to get new insights on your direct competition.