We all thrive on data to meet our personal and professional needs. We meet our data needs from the web. However, there is enormous data available on the web on various websites. Manually copy-pasting the data can be tedious and tiring. It is here that Web Content Extractor comes into the picture! It automates the data extraction procedure and enables you to save the extracted data in your preferred format to save a lot of money and time.

Web content extractor is a powerful yet easy-to-use software for web scraping. It enables you to extract text, images, and files from any website. The entire process is automatic and you can schedule the software to run at a specific time and frequency. The software has a user-friendly interface that helps you through the process of configuring software in a few clicks without any code! You find accurate and efficient data extraction.

1. Extractor For Every Task

When you need to extract some data from multiple web pages, the web content extractor is the perfect solution. You can extract a wide array of useful information such as pricing data, real estate data, stock market figures, extract books, movies, songs, news, articles on a specific topic, information on hotels, car rentals, information from dating, or job sites, and much more. These are a wide array of applications of the web extractor. The tool works perfectly with any type of web information and website.

WebDataGuru provides the best in business web data solutions and tools for all kinds of industries. So, when you search for data solutions you know where to come from.

2. Extensive Exporting Capability

Apart from the powerful extracting capability, the web content extractor comes with exporting capability as well. You can save the extracted data into an Excel file, CSV, text file, export it to HTML/ XML, and more. You can also put data into database format with the built-in possibility to export information into MSSQL/ MySQL script. This will enable you to use and apply the scrapped data instantly. You can perform an in-depth analysis using the spreadsheet application or make a summary report. You can also import the data into your application.

With so many operations being digitized, it becomes necessary that you can have data in all kinds of formats according to the team’s category of work. This exporting helps in accessing all kinds of data in any format available and helps you achieve your goals.

3. Comes With a Powerful Web Crawler Engine

The web content extractor features a powerful web crawler engine that offers quick data extraction services. Web content extractor works well with password-protected websites as well and accesses the internet through several proxy servers. The crawler not only supports downloading with 10 simultaneous threads but is also configurable. You can also set it for ignoring specific URLs or include the URLs in the crawling process. This flexibility leads to accurate web scrapping results at high speed and customizes the process.

Additionally, web crawling makes a huge difference in SEO rankings. In simpler terms, you can rank high on all SERPs with well-optimized keywords. This can be done with data solutions. We will deal with this topic in another blog. Don’t forget to read that.

4. Wonders Of Automation

Web content extractor automates the website scraping process. Generally, you need to only specify the basic extraction pattern which can be done in a few clicks, followed by running the extraction process. The program scans the provided URLs automatically and scrapes all the information which meets the specific template. The program won’t outsmart the user ever! It decides elements on the webpage along with the type of data field recommending the extraction results as a preview. But you can make the required changes or adjust the program’s choice manually, as required.

5. Error-free Operation

Web content extractor not only helps in being digitally independent, but it also helps with error-free operations. Errors are common with manual intervention. If the initial operations are made smoother with an automated web content extractor, it can help significantly. The web content extractor is completely automated so there is no scope for errors. You will be able to scrape data faster than the manual process and with better efficiency. This saves time at every level of operation and makes your business powerful right from the base. Also, with the help of an extractor, you can find out unexpected threats as well as get an idea of the opportunities presents out there.

6. Business Intelligence And Insight

Business intelligence plays a crucial role in making any business strong and standing out from the competition. For insights, you need raw data which can be processed into insights. Scraping data via a web content extractor can make it possible for you. It enables you to track competitor strategies and prices, monitor market changes and price trends, and get the analysis done which works for your business.

Decision-making depends on the data and insight you get from the data. A web content extractor is the quickest way of including web scraping in your routine. Business intelligence enhances your company’s performance potential. You can focus on vivid areas with very little effort. This in turn makes every operation a bit easier and can lead to good productive results. And isn’t that the motive?

7. Enrich Your Business With Bigger Database

The internet is full of enormous data and information. Every business is unique and so are its data needs. If you have a relevant database that drives results, you can remain assured about the growth of your business. Web content extractors can help in scraping data with full precision and detail. The rich database can prove to be extremely helpful for your business.

Business grows with a bigger database. Millions of data can have relevance if you use it most effectively. How can that be done? Well, it can be done with scrutiny and by filtering the information that is not useful for your business.  

8. Cost-Effective

Web scraping enables business owners to take the right steps for the company. It is a cost-effective solution that will boost your profitability. Web scraping helps in saving time and cost as manual extraction can be costlier. Automation saves time and money. You can also make necessary changes in your strategies with the help of data and insights. You can make a difference in your business and go a long way!

Features Of The Software
  • Templated web data extraction
  • User-friendly configuration wizard
  • Customized web crawler
  • Multi-threaded downloading- up to 10 threads
  • Exports extracted data into Excel, CVS, Text, HTML, XML, JSON files, SQL and MySQL script files, Microsoft Access database, or any ODBC data source
  • Uploads output file to FTP server
  • Data extraction from password-protected websites
  • Supports command-line options that can be used for automating program
  • The built-in scheduler runs scraping tasks at specific times and interval
  • Uses rotating proxy server for automatically rotating IP address
  • Simple to use and offers accurate results

The digital world is growing and evolving at a fast pace and hence every business needs whether offline or online needs to be on its feet all the time. Data is the key to efficiently running your business. A web content extractor is a perfect tool you need if your business is associated with web data extraction. It not only saves money but also offers the best value for money.

Make Your Business Data Driven

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