Web scraping has gained immense popularity and it is being accepted by more people each day. It not only helps individuals and businesses but also helps in making an excellent career in the field. You can become a freelancer or a full-time web scraper. You can offer web data extraction services to businesses that are looking for professionals like you!

The web contains a lot of information and data which has made the data extraction service quintessential! The insight offered from scraping enables businesses to take suitable action while modifying their strategies for beating the competition. If you are interested in web scraping and wish to make a career and money out of it, it is important to get acquainted with data extraction software and gain enough experience with the help of web scraping projects.

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Web Scraping Significance

Search engine giants such as Google relies on web scraping on a large scale. Let us explain. People search for all types of things on the internet. In such a scenario, providing relevant information becomes a prerogative of the search engines.

Users need information fast. So, how to provide an authentic and best answer quickly? Here, data comes into the picture. Google or for that matter every search engine crawls the internet for all types of content. Then, that data is analyzed for its authenticity, simplicity and relevance. After that, the search engine gives a user millions of options to read or view from.

Moving ahead, small-scale web scraping can be useful for smaller problems. There are many small and large-scale scraping projects wherein web data extraction services can be helpful. The application and uses of data extraction services can range from market research for designing a business strategy to creating training ML models.

With the development of anti-bot solutions, the web scraping arena is also advancing. If you wish to sharpen and polish your data extraction service and skills, the following ideas and projects can help:

1. Customer Review Analysis

The objective of using data extraction software here is to use the data for serving customers better. A customer-centric approach is a way forward. For this, the business must be aware of the customer feedback. Giants like Amazon also value customer feedback and incorporate more user-friendly options for them. When businesses collect reviews from customers, they get some insightful trends that will enable them to fine-tune their product/ service for optimum customer satisfaction.

Customers help companies perform better with helpful suggestions. But often customers are not able to provide the same. So, what can be done in such situations? The answer is data extraction. Yes! Data scraping helps in getting that information from the internet with the help of data. You can get useful insights from their experiences. Then, you can make appropriate modifications to your services, offers, pricing and product specifications.

  • Project Idea- You can select a product available on any e-commerce portal and scrape data with help of data extraction software for that specific product. Scrape information and use the data to analyze customer feedback and sentiments. You can also perform statistical analysis for deriving insightful trends.

2. Search Engine Rank Tracking System

The objective of web data extraction services here is to monitor the criteria used by search engines for ranking. If you want to know how your webpage will be ranked on SERPs, collect the information from the web and analyze the data for knowing which rank your page is most likely to land. From the insight that you receive, implement the SEO techniques for improving your page ranking. This can mean whenever a user searches a relevant keyword, then you might appear on the top pages. And that makes it possible for the user to land on your website and thereby become a valuable lead.

  • Project Idea- Take a list of keywords and fetch search engine results. Return to the top-ranking page for the domain that you wish to track depending on the search engine results. If you choose the Google search engine for monitoring, you might get blocked easily. You can use an airflow data pipeline for collecting and reporting on a smaller number of keywords in lesser time.

3. Lead Generation From Online Forums

The objective of using a web data extraction service here is to find data of prospective customers. Many web pages on the internet make their visitors enter their email addresses and other contact information. With data extraction software, these contact details can be extracted for sending advertisements and promotional emails for your product and services.

  • Project Idea- You need to scrape emails and phone numbers from web pages online with a data extraction service . Marketing techniques have evolved over the years and this strategy can help! The leads that you target might actually end up giving a positive response to the marketing mail. If it works well, this could be a smooth way of pitching customers without spamming them.

4. Bot For E-Trading

The prices of shares and cryptocurrency keep on fluctuating and hence e-trading is a matter of concern for investors. In fact, it has also been a topic of discussion among big economists across the globe. Creating a bot using web data extraction services can help in predicting the prices of cryptocurrencies and stocks as it can be significantly beneficial.

  • Project Idea- This project would require you to have a website which will offer all relevant information about shares, crypto, and stocks. Many online trading companies are there that help people by providing easy strategies and insights.

5. Political Text Analysis

Social media platforms are just a medium for connecting with people but also serve as a platform for voicing out their opinion. People have used social media for expressing opinions and spreading awareness. It has also a paved path for strong social media campaigns that were thought provoking and brought a change in the society. The data extraction service can be used by political parties for analyzing the sentiments of citizens.

  • Project Idea- For this project, you need to select a social media platform of your choice and then pick a specific political party you wish to scrape data for. Scrape the public posts and political texts with data extraction software for analyzing the common sentiment of citizens about the party.

6. Scraping Job Portal

The objective of this type of web data extraction service is to find the criteria for a specific role or job position. This can be an interesting web scraping project. You can scrape various job portals such as Monster.com, Indeed, etc. You can also choose multiple job portals for your data extraction software to perform scraping. Though it will make the project complex, you could still go ahead.

  • Project Idea- In this type of data extraction service, you need to build a tool that will scrape one of the multiple online job portals. The tools will check the needs of the desired job profile. For example, you can look at all the Accountancy jobs present in the portal. You can further analyze the collected data and figure out the common criteria that employers use for hiring accountancy professionals.

The above-mentioned projects are just small ideas in the vast ocean of opportunities. You can find several projects for web scraping that can help in fetching relevant experience and strengthening your company portfolio.

Scrape Data For your Company

Web scraping can lead you to big and better business decisions. Every step can prove to be useful when data comes into the picture. Likewise, data scraping also makes your business rank higher on the search engines with better keyword research and positioning. So, web scraping can be the best option for your business irrespective of its size and nature.

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