Today’s competitive scenario requires every business to look beyond the obvious. It is the need of the hour to innovate by leveraging new technologies. For getting access to structured web data, Web scraping offers the right solution. Also, known as web data extraction services, it provides access to data in an automated fashion. If you want data from a public website that doesn’t have API or offers limited access to the data, web scraping can prove to be useful.

About Web Scraping

Web data extraction is the process wherein structured data is collected in automated fashion. Some of the major uses of web scraping include price monitoring, news monitoring, market research, price intelligence, and lead generation to name a few. Generally, data extraction is used by businesses and individuals who wish to utilize the enormously available web data for making the right decisions.

Copying and pasting information from any website is the same function as web scraping; just that it’s on a microscopic level done manually. Unlike manual data extraction, web scraping makes use of automation for retrieving millions and billions of data points from a seamless internet arena.

One of the main benefits of web data extraction services is that it can they ability to power and create some revolutionary applications for businesses. The web scrapped data is utilized by companies for improving their operations right from the executive level to custom services experiences.

What Are The Uses Of Data Scraping?

Data scraping has a wide array of interesting applications. The web data extraction services and tools enable you to extract information from other websites in an accurate and quick manner. The tools also ensure that the data extracted is organized in a neat manner. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to analyze and use the data for other projects.

Web scraping has a significant role in the e-commerce arena as it enables competitive price monitoring. Practically, it’s the only way of monitoring the pricing of products and services of competitors. This helps in fine-tuning your price strategies with that of the competitors and gaining an edge over them to stay ahead. Manufacturers also benefit from the web scraping tool as it helps them make sure that retailers are satisfied with their price guidelines for products. Market research agencies and analysts rely on web data extraction services for gauging consumer sentiments. It keeps track of news articles, online product reviews, and feedback.

You can find a wide array of applications for web scraping in the financial sector. The data scraping tools can also be used for extracting information from news stories and use the information for supporting investment strategies. Analysts and researchers rely on web scraping to analyze financial health of any company. Insurance and finance companies can utilize web data extraction services and tools for designing new policies and products for the customers.

What Is A Web Scraping Tool?

The web scraping tool is software that is designed for especially extracting or scraping information from websites. Whenever you collect data from web pages, you must be using one or another scraping tool.

The scraping tool will make an HTTP request to the targeted website and extract the data from any webpage. It scrapes data which is available publically, visible to users, as well as rendered by the server as HTML. Sometimes, it can also make a request to APIs for associated data such as contact details, prices, etc which are stored in the database and delivered to the browser via HTTP requests. Usually, scraping tools are designed for all types of scraping tasks.

What Do web data extraction services Do?

  • When you outsource the web scraping to professionals, the team understands your needs regarding the project.
  • Veteran web data scraping team sets up the infrastructure for collecting data and structuring it depending on your needs.
  • Your data is delivered in the format and frequency that you desire.

The project parameters of various businesses are met owing to the flexibility and scalability of web scraping. Gaining insights from the web scraped data, fashion retailers ask the designers to come up with new designs and trends. Investors make profitable decisions and marketing teams sustain competition from the deep insight gained from web scraping.

Uses Of Web Scraping

1. Price Intelligence

Price intelligence is one of the major benefits of web data extraction services. Modern e-commerce companies work by extracting price and product information from e-commerce websites and transforming them into intelligence. This enables them to make unparalleled pricing and marketing decisions leveraging the data. WebDataGuru is one of the leading pricing intelligence companies and offers many other web data solutions for every type of business and organizations. Monitoring the competition becomes easier with pricing intelligence and web scraping makes the ground work for that particular purpose.

The web pricing and price intelligence are useful for:

– Monitor product trend

– Dynamic pricing

– Monitor competitors

– Optimize revenue

2. Market Research

Market research plays a crucial role and hence it should always be driven via most accurate data and information available. High quality and insightful data in volume that is web scraped in every shape and size fuel the market analysis as well as business intelligence throughout the world. Data always provides the base for precise information.

– Research and development

– Analysis of market trends

– Optimizing entry point

– Market pricing

– Monitoring the competition

3. Serves As Data For Finance

web data extraction services offer valuable data that guide investor decisions. The decision making process becomes insightful and informed. Owing to the unparalleled strategic value, leading firms across the globe are using web scraped data.

– News Monitoring

– Extraction of insight from SEC filings

– Estimate company fundamentals

4. Lead Generation

For any business, lead generation is a crucial aspect as it fuels revenue generation. However, it can be challenging to generate leads and traffic for their webpage and brand. Thankfully, web data extraction can be used to gain access to structured data from the web. Lead generation is one of the main objectives for every business out there may it online and offline. And web scraping helps in building a database that can build your business in many ways possible.

5. Brand Monitoring

In the competitive market, it is extremely important to safeguard your online reputation. Whether you want to sell your product/ service online or want to know how people perceive your brand, web scraping can offer relevant information so that you can make changes in your policies.

Now that you know the many benefits of web data extraction services, it’s time to invest in the right tools and give an edge to your business.

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