Web scraping service can be used for several applications. It not only helps in achieving automation but also offers access to a rich and unique database. It also helps with effective data management. In today’s aggressive era, where marketing has to be unconventional, novel methods have to be adopted to make a difference.

Irrespective of whether you are an established business or a start-up, web scraping can help your business grow manifolds. If you are contemplating whether or not to hire a web scraping service provider, here’s a look at some reasons that will help you gain an insight into the same:

Reasons To Go for A Web Scraping Service Provider

1. Data Extraction Becomes Easy With Technology

Web scraping can be done by anyone subject to the access you have to technology. It is one of the most important factors. The web has a lot of content that can help you excel in web scraping and data collection.

With time, websites are getting complicated for data extraction. However, some tools make it easy to scrape anything virtually. Deploying bots is increasingly enabling companies to extract data even on a big scale. WebDataGuru is one of the leading web scraping service providers facilitating world-class web data solutions.

Technology is constantly transforming and upgrading. Henceforth, it becomes inevitable to stay at par with the latest trends to not become obsolete.

2. Enable Quick Innovation

It is fascinating how web scraping and crawling are empowering businesses for innovating and designing new products quite fast. For many companies, it would have been impossible to exist without a web scraping service provider. There are such infinite instances.

With the ongoing pandemic, innovation has to be on the next level to create a more user-friendly and accessible product or service. If you are constantly checking on the data extraction and monitoring its close effects on the business then your operations will be hindered. And for that very reason you a web scraping service for your business. So, you can focus on your business and automated web scraping does all the work for you.

Owing to easy access to data, the companies can go a notch higher in terms of innovation. Isn’t that the main goal!

3. Get Better Access To Data

In the past decade, several governments have opened their data to the globe. But it is not always useful or relevant for your business. You might need to enrich them with the help of other sources and make them more comprehensive for your business. Having said that, it is understood that all of that is a very tedious and expensive exercise.

For example, in France, they have a Sirene database. They also have a database that offers a great start. If you have SIRET, a company identifier, this is what you could do:

– Empowering SIRET with Sirene API.

– With the help of name searching/ cross-referencing multiple search engines, you would find the company’s website name.

– You would look for the company on different websites based on the company’s technology such as YellowPages, LinkedIn, AngelList, and more.

– Aggregate results by giving them scores.

This will help you gain a fully enriched company profile with all the information you need such as date of creation, employee count, category of business, and more. Isn’t this what any sales team needs for automation of the CRM. Making everything easy and fast is what the automated service does for you. And you know who provides that – WebDataGuru!

4. Build Sales Machine Via Lead Generation

It is quite obvious that when you have better access to data, you can easily create an automated sales machine. You can automate:

– Perform a LinkedIn search to find any company’s data based on your criteria.

– Perform a Google Maps search for finding local businesses.

– AngelList companies search for finding growing and trendy tech companies.

Each of your searches can be aggregated based on the quality and data accuracy you are looking for. It can be significantly time-saving as compared to the manual search. Millions of data are filtered for your use with the added advantage of in-depth research. With tons of data in your hand, you now need to qualify your prospects.

5. Seamless Marketing Automation

Marketers are getting creative and it is the need of the business to be creative and proactive to become the best in the cut-throat online world. As you can do what you want with a website scraping service, you enjoy full liberty. You can make marketing objectives that can promote your product based on better pricing, quality, and other benefits.

For example, you find a page on social media platform with good followers. However, you feel that you have a better product and want the users to switch to you.

This can be done via scraping. You need to find their page and begin extracting the followers. Now that you have the list in hand, you can follow them to send a DM pitching them. These are qualified leads as you know that the profiles are interested in the product category that you cater to. This can be done on any of the social media platforms.

6. Enables Brand Monitoring

It is a known fact that the brand monitoring arena is witnessing quick growth. One of the first and basic steps when buying something online is looking for other customers’ reviews. Consumers have become more aware and like to make informed decisions. They like to buy recommended products as it assures them of making the right choice.

However, businesses might not always check ratings and reviews. The reason is it can be a herculean task as many platforms gather reviews and extracting reviews from Websites and aggregating them can be challenging.

You can monitor the social network and mix it with the sentiment analysis for responding to the haters and rewarding the users that appreciate your brand. When you improve your brand image, it reflects in your ROI.

Web Scraping makes you stand out in ways you could have never imagined before. Building a concrete customer base who is loyal to your brand is the ultimate aim of every business. And in the past few years, web data solutions have proven to be the best to make you a market leader in an innovative manner.

7. Market Analysis At a Bigger Scale

Data and business intelligence is being talked about everywhere but it is the quality that matters over quantity. The fact is you need smart data and not necessarily big data.

For example, if you wish to sell machines and spare parts, you would want to know how much it is being sold for. It is here that a web scraping service provider comes into the picture.

8. Benefits of SEO

If you are into serious SEO, you might be using some tools and keyword finders but they won’t exist without data extraction. With the help of such tools, you can find SEO competitors for a specific search term.

You can decide on the title tags and keywords they are targeting for getting an insight into what drives traffic to any website. If you have a website with huge content, a technical SEO analysis can be performed for checking broken links and verifying how your content performs across the website.

9. End-To-End- Testing

One of the best and major uses of web scraping is testing. Developers must have heard about Selenium. For creating user testing scenarios or monitoring website performance, you need a lot of web scraping. There are renowned companies that have built products that automate testing.

10. Keep Track of Competition

Every industry has many players in them. Healthy competition is good for the economy but when the competition leads to companies shutting down then it is a matter of concern. At this particular point, businesses have to find ways to generate more revenue and grab more customers as they go ahead. Now, how can that be done? Well, with the help of web data solutions.

For instance, competition slashes their prices and you are not at speed. Now, with the same kind of products and services, who do you think the customer will choose if the prices were competitive? More often the brand with a lower price. Of course, there are exceptions as many customers prefer a particular brand and its product then it may happen that they don’t go for a lower price. But this is only possible when the market does not price sensitive. And companies always go for the assumption that the market is price-sensitive. Web scraping can help you identify such markets that are not price-sensitive and change your pricing strategies accordingly.

Identify Success in a Novel Way

Now that you know the several benefits and reasons why you must use Web Scraping, it is time to connect with an excellent web scraping service provider.

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