COVID-19, a never-ending pandemic it may seem, has made every business rethink its business model. Currently, online businesses are showing great momentum due to the social distancing mandate. And in a way, it’s not bad. Running an online business is very promising, given the recent market.

Keep reading this blog to know more about taking the next step toward online business.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Website: If you don’t have a website then the first thing to do is to create one. And for that, you need to buy a domain name. You can have a domain name similar to your business depending upon the availability. You can search different domain providers for that matter. 
  1. Data Extraction: Track and collect precise data about your competitors and your business in the online market. Don’t worry, for that WebDataGuru is here. We have an effective data extraction service dedicated just to the clients who want to transform their offline businesses into online enterprises. eCommerce business is very lucrative in today’s dynamic internet era. And data extraction can work wonders for your thriving company.
  1. Online Store: Your online store can help you tap into every potential client out there. The online store will represent your business values and new business model. Yes! Online businesses will have a new way of working. You will have to change your strategies suiting to the online market. How do you ask? Well, you can conduct in-depth research to come up with a new strategy and a new approach for your eCommerce endeavor.
  1. New Pricing Strategy: Determining a pricing strategy for any business is quite eminent. But it becomes very crucial if you are going online for the first time. WebDataGuru offers expert Pricing Intelligence for businesses in SaaS format. You might also need to analyze the competitor prices, to set your product pricing that’s competitive, driven, and profitable. That’s not it. In case you are going to do business in a different name then you might need to get a DBA (Doing Business As). Now, what’s that? A DBA lets the state know that you are doing business by another name than your already established offline business.
  1. Tech Support: An aspect that comes with the online business. You need to have tech support for your customers, in case they face any difficulty during the purchase. But is that all, no you also need to ensure that you are in constant communication with them throughout the purchase, to avoid any mistakes.
  1. Refunds and Returns: Often people hesitate to buy stuff online due to the hassles related to refunds and returns. It’s important that you give value for money by assuring required steps are being taken to do so. Easy refunds and returns ensure repeat business. And, everybody wants a piece of that, right!
  1. Digital Marketing: If your market changes, so should your marketing, right? Digital marketing tools ensure your eCommerce business thrives with the right marketing mix. Make the right moves to get your online transformation all the reach it can get.


If you want to take your business online then this is the right time to do it. Expand your horizon with immense possibilities. Get in touch with WebDatGuru for your data extraction and pricing needs.