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Competitive and Pricing Intelligence

  • Gain control over your reputation through instant updates on comments and reviews from website users.
  • Optimize your product distribution and positioning power via detailed, real-time assessments of inventory and anticipating challenges with supply.
  • Precise Competitor Pricing Data Helps Businesses Gain Better Market Share
    In a free market, price-based competition is the norm. By pricing the products appropriately, businesses acquire more and more customers and thus increase their market share considerably. Let us delve deeper into how companies can achieve the same.

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Content & News Aggregation and Augmentation

  • Provide access to a host of news by aggregating news content from a wide range of online sources.
  • Have the competitive edge by offering one of a kind, quality content through improved news feeds, supplemented by multiple unique sources.

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Lead Generation

  • Streamline your customer database by adding lesser known details such as professional affiliations, career profiles and education.

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Online Retail & Distribution Monitoring

  • Gain deep insights regarding what is relevant in the market by tracking available inventory on competing brands’ websites.
  • Reduce the chances of illegal sale by tracking auction sites for cheap knock-offs and conterfeit goods.

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Market Monitoring and Analytics

  • Use high quality market analytics to retain accurate customer feedback across various marketplaces and review websites.

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A guide to understanding Yell Data Extractor Tool

Business data extraction is a technique used to obtain important business information from business directory websites. Yell is one such online business directory that features comprehensive information about different services and businesses across UK. To obtain important business data from the Yell database, a Yell Data Extractor Tool is used.

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Monitor the Web to Prevent Your Brands from Being Victimized by Price Erosion

Goal to be achieved: Appropriate use of data to fight unwarranted price erosion
Data: Pricing information from various and relevant websites collated together and presented in the most comprehensible format by companies offering Data as a Service.

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