Use Cases

  • A holistic Value Insight Generation monitoring consistent change in prices

In the splurging world of online buying and selling, one of the key metrics is the pricing. However this pricing is not only heavily influenced by the product categories and competition, it is also influenced by the third party payment gateway alliances hence making it an important decision factor.


There is a major loss of business that is suffered due to the fluctuations and downtime in the servers of the banks and other payment supporting gateways. This not only leads to bad customer experience but also an abandonment of transaction.

Solution: e-commerce Pricing Intelligence extraction with WebDataGuru

  • Utilising the optimum pricing intelligence services by WebDataGuru to evaluate the constant fluctuations in the pricing
  • Analysing the existing and real-time price changes within the system and the competitor systems to unearth the actual prices
  • Pricing strategy revolving around the analysis of competitor information giving a holistic overview of the pricing opportunities
  • Customising the solutions required for the enhancement of the user experience with the flexibility and unique framework that caters to the specific needs of the business
  • Pricing intelligence and optimisation of the lost transactions bringing a solution to these upholds while the system is still processing further pricing information
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