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Several of your business needs right from lead generation to pricing intelligence can be effectively served by using a service framework of WebDataGuru having Website scraping service at its core.

Businesses nowadays have to increasingly rely on web scraping services for their lead generation needs but most of the services they actually get are simply data scraping services without any value addition by the service provider. WebDataGuru strongly believes that merely extracting the data out of a website and dumping it in the customer’s courtyard does not really fulfil the core business need of our customers. Therefore we have not only developed our own technology for filtering out garbage but also the capability to extract only the relevant and meaningful data.

Our analytical ability adds up to our Website scraping service, thus enabling us to provide a total solution and not merely data scraping services. Moreover, when it comes to scale, we are unmatched! We are handing most enormous of websites which need millions of extractions per day and that too from websites known to deploy the strongest of anti bot tactics.