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A guide to understanding Yell Data Extractor Tool

Business data extraction is a technique used to obtain important business information from business directory websites. Yell is one such online business directory that features comprehensive information about different services and businesses across UK. To obtain important business data from the Yell database, a Yell Data Extractor Tool is used.
  • Yell Data Extractor Tool – How does it work?
  • Companies working under the Data-as-a-Service model and having profound expertise in business data extraction offer Yell Data Extractor Tool. To use the tool, follow the below steps.
  • The user provides input in the form of instructions in order to obtain the desired output data.
  • Once the input data is fed, the tool extracts the exact information from the Yell website and renders it in a well-structured format.
  • The extracted data can be saved in any common format such as CSV & MySQL.
  • Also, the extracted data is user-friendly and simple enough to be integrated into any existing system of the business. By doing this, the valuable information from the Yell website can be directly used by the business organization.
  • Information from text as well as images is extracted
  • The Yell website carries a heap load of information in the form of text as well as images.
  • For this reason, a good scraping tool must include the option of screen scraping too.
  • The screen scraper obtains huge amount of relevant information from the images in the Yell website and processes it into the desired format.
  • The data passes through a decoding process and the information is brought to a readable form.
  • The information can then be stored in a desired format without any hassles.
  • Significant functionalities and benefits of the Yell Data Extractor Tool
  • The Yell data extraction package includes both text and screen scraping abilities.
  • The tool decreases the extraction time by many folds and makes the work much easier for the user.
  • The extracted data can be saved and later manipulated easily to satisfy the specific needs of the client.
  • The tool allows the client to direct the resources towards high priority tasks by saving more time during extraction.
  • Since extracted data is offered in a simple format, it can be used to make key decisions at the right time.
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