Artificial intelligence and data have caught everyone’s attention. However, these concepts are not new on the block. However, we have started seeing AI and data in action recently owing to web scraping and data extraction software. Today we will have a look at the role of AI in web data extraction. The pertinent question is what has changed in data extraction and AI. It is the improved computing power which has led to efficient web data extraction.

Today, a business can benefit from advanced web data extractor and web scraping solutions which can help in accessing data without any prior technical knowledge.  AI has emerged as the appropriate solution for collecting large data from the web with minimum human interference.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is a significant difference between AI and machine learning. In machine learning, humans teach the machine for performing a particular task within a specific defined rules with some examples. The rules and training are essential for machine learning systems for getting successful results.

On the other hand, AI teaches itself with the help of minimum rules and training. AI will then create its own set of rules on the basis of the exposure it receives. Thus, it makes AI a constant learning process. If you are wondering how constant learning takes place in AI, it is because of artificial neural networks. These neural networks along with deep learning are used in AI for object and speech recognition, modeling language, image segmentation, and human motion.

Role of AI in Web Data Extraction

The web is like a vast ocean with abundant data. There are endless possibilities with this type of data. However, the challenge lies in navigating through the unstructured data and making the extraction easier.

Even with an advanced web data extractor, the process becomes time-consuming. It seems that things will change for good soon. Some researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a paper on an AI system which can extract data from the web as well as teaching itself how to extract data on its own. The paper introduced a data extraction system which can extract structured data from an unstructured pile of documents in an automated manner.

In other words, the AI system is capable of thinking like humans when looking at the document. When a human can’t find specific information in any document, they find an alternative source for bridging the gap. It adds to the knowledge of the topic. The AI system also works in a similar manner; scrapping the data on a particular topic and filling the gaps in the structure of information.

AI Works on Rewards and Penalties

The working of an AI web data extractor consists of classifying the data on the basis of a confidence score. This score decides the chances of classification being correct statistically and derived from the patterns in the training data. If the confidence score fails to meet the pre-determined threshold, the system automatically searches the internet for relevant data.

When a sufficient confidence score is achieved by extracting new data from the web and integrating it with the current document, the task is considered complete. If the confidence score requirement is not met, the process will continue till the time most relevant data is extracted.

This learning mechanism is termed as ‘Reinforcement learning’. It works on the basis of learning by reward. It’s similar to the way how humans learn. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to data merging, especially with contrasting information. The rewards are based on the accuracy of the information extracted. With proper training, AI learns to merge different pieces of extracted data in an optimum manner. This ensures that the answers received from the system are the most accurate.

AI’s Web Data Extraction in Action

For testing how efficiently the artificial intelligence system extracts the data from the web, researchers give it a task for testing. The system was supposed to analyze various sources of data on mass shootings in the USA and extract the name of the shooter along with the number of fatalities, injuries, and locations. The performance was excellent as the system could extract accurate data the way it was required. It significantly beat the traditionally learned data extraction techniques.

Future of Web Scraping and Data Extraction

With the increasing need for data and the challenges related to acquiring it, AI can be that element which is missing in the equation. The research is promising and gives a clue about the future where we will find intelligent bots with human wisdom that can crawl, read, and extract data. The AI web data extractor will work only to offer us the bites that we need to know.

AI systems can be considered as a game-changers when it comes to data extraction. The advanced system will help in saving time and enable us to use abundant information which is present on the web. Considering the bigger picture, the research takes us a step forward to a hopeful future. We can expect an intelligent web spider which will master the art of web scraping. It will help in solving the information gaps in a short span of time.

Benefits of AI Web Scraping

AI-based web data extractor helps in assessing the data from various websites at once which improves the speed. Moreover, the data needs extraction and usage in real-time. AI-driven tools can speed up the data extraction process. Brands that use AI web scraping enjoy the added benefit of extracting more data from the websites at once. They also have the option of doing it automatically.

Extracting a large amount of data is useless unless it involves accuracy. This benefit alone makes AI the most preferred technology as it can collect big data batches in lesser time with utmost accuracy. Spending time extracting and analyzing data can keep the brands away from focusing on important aspects. AI web scraping helps in saving significant time and also reduces the overall cost. AI systems might be expensive but they can help in saving several costs in the long run.

Now, let us address a few more facts about web data extractors:

  • What does a web data extractor do?

The need for relevant and real-time data was always there but now it is irreplaceable. Simply put, a web data extractor helps you grab data in all kinds of formats starting from HTML, documents, XML files, codes, images, or any other kind of information. WebDataGuru is one of the leading companies providing web data extraction tools that can help you get a competitive advantage in this AI-driven world. One of the most apparent advantages of web data extractors is that they help you save a great amount of time and money. You can also rely on the data gathered as it will not have the loophole of human errors.

  • Is it legal to extract data?

When it comes to data extraction, this is something that every business wonders or at least is concerned about. To begin with, data extraction is legal as long as it is done ethically and without breaking any rules. So, there are a few limitations when it comes to data extraction. For instance, some websites restrict us from getting the data. They implement certain automated tools to not give out their data. But that is also not illegal. It is a limitation. Overall, data extraction is legal and can be done cautiously.

  • How to extract data from Google?

Extracting data from one of the biggest search engines in the world is a real task. Google has so much information, that it can be overwhelming just by thinking about it. But with our exclusive tools, you can achieve that in just a few minutes. Our web scraping tools can help you in gathering data from the belly of the complete search engine and provide you with relevant data within no time. Also, you can extract data from the google analytics tool. Furthermore, you can get an in-depth analysis of this data and then you can adapt strategies to grow and thrive.

  • Can AI change the way we use data?

AI can change the way we do many things. Now, the main aspect of AI is that it can perform tasks in volumes and in a very less amount of time. It would always need human intervention though for perspectives and clarity. Still, AI is driving many businesses in a way toward the future where everything can be automated with guidance and just a little help from a human. AI has the potential to transform how we use the data and also has the ability to analyze voluminous data with proper insights.

Revolutionize with AI and Web Data Extractor

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