Use Cases

Empowering Clients with Optimum Solutions Adhering to MAP Policies

The internet today, provides a wealth of information for investors and financial analysts to make informed decisions on designing financial products and selecting customers with least risks. But simply collecting data is a huge task for any company even if they employ loads of resources for this task. Moreover, with the increasing competition amongst online financial service providers its imperative to provide the right price to the right customer, and yeah, it has to be better than the competition. Thus, competitor price monitoring and MAP monitoring becomes a key area to regulate for any banking and financial sector company.
Monitoring price violations of various financial products by competitors
WebDataGuru can help you a great deal in monitoring MAP violations throughout the web.

  • WebDataGuru can help you track MAP policy violators through out the web with ease and provide you a comprehensive analysis in an instant.
  • Our software will help you in monitoring frauds and help you avoid it before any major incident takes place
  • WebDataGuru provides a continuously evolving solution because of which even with continuous content updates in the web, the provided analysis is always up to date.
  • Continuously tracks and monitors competitors to provide analysis for an ideal pricing strategy for your financial products and making informed investment decisions.
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