Use Cases

  • Monitoring Authorized Websites for Unauthorized Discounts or Flash Sales

The internet is an abysmal world in its own. While companies follow multiple procedures and health checks in their system of sales and marketing, the automobile industry is a huge mine of creating sales through promotions. However, there are possibility of breaches in these strategies with unrecognized and unauthorized discounts and sales. WebDataGuru helps recognize these unidentified data.

Client – A premium car accessory seller

  • Challenge: Protect your client’s brand power by uncovering unauthorized discounts and sales flashes.

The client used to sell car accessory for luxury cars. They were the leaders and a well-known brand in the car accessories segment. They sold quality car accessories at a premium price. It was imperative for them to ensure that all their products were being sold at the authorized price so that their brand image is not tarnished. Heavily discounted online sales will also affect their offline sales which formed a major portion of their sales.

  • Solution

Customized web crawlers were created for them to surf through thousands of websites and monitor prices of their products on a real-time basis. Any discrepancies in the prices of their products or any discounts which exceeded the preset limit were immediately notified as alerts to the company officials. As this had to be done on a regular basis throughout the year, WebDataGuru created an evolving software which would automatically incorporate any changes that may happen in the websites being monitored. The client was very happy with the solution and was able to ensure no unauthorized discounts or flash sales occurred without them knowing about it.

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