Automated web scraping

Drive your Content Marketing Strategy with Automated Web Scraping

Content marketing, after competitive price monitoring and retail price optimization, is the third most important strategy for driving traffic to B2C forums. Additionally,it impacts the email marketing and social marketing strategy of e-commerce brands.Unfortunately, it receives less attention. Retailers mainly focus on price optimization, forgetting that they won’t receive traffic on their site unless they..

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automated web scraping

Automated Web Scrapers—3 Benefits that you can Get From them!

Did you know that the internet has been constantly expanding since 2012? According to the data published by an online blog, every second, nearly one billion web pages add or edit content, 772 photos are published on Instagram, 7548 tweets are published by Twitteratis, 2,573,338 emails are exchanged by users and about 42,943 GB of..

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Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitor Price Monitoring: 5 Ways to Legally Spy on your Rivals

Retaining a loyal customer base is easier said than done, especially amidst the cut-throat competition that exists in the market today. Companies are constantly experiencing a difficult time holding on to their previous customers because the shoppers have so many brands to pick from that they can easily switch from one retailer to another. Still,..

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analyze competitive products

Price Optimization in Retail Industry: Importance of Analyzing the ‘Amazon Effect’ on Sellers

Shopping is no longer confined to ‘carrying shopping baskets’ and taking ‘word-of-the-mouth’ opinion. Today, the internet has made it easier for consumers to shop for their desired goods and receive them on their doorstep. Noticing the change, global manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers have started considering the changing shopping habits of their online shoppers, when optimizing..

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