Digital marketing has advanced significantly in the recent decade. It is no longer only about the right keywords and consistent content posting, a lot of new elements are introduced such as technical EO, user experience, local SEO, and more. All of them play a crucial role in the success of your marketing. Newer tools such as Custom Web Crawler are becoming important to gain an edge over competitors. These web crawlers help with custom data extraction that can help your business get valuable insight for making strategic decisions.

To begin with, digital marketing is helping companies reach a very big audience via so many mediums and it is definitely good for the business. Here, many big brands also interact with their users to get honest feedback and give them real-time responses. This is helpful for brands to make things real for the customers and be in touch with them to nurture brand royalty.

You can find many insightful data and information about web crawlers in this blog. So, if you are a digital marketer or a business owner, you must keep reading.

Let’s have a look at how web crawlers can help in the digital marketing process in detail.

About Web Crawler

Web crawler helps with custom data extraction and collects data from the web for building a base for analysis. Web Crawlers perform the following functions:

  • Analysis of keywords and hashtags
  • Indexing the URLs and content
  • Ranking of webpages
  • Checking if the HTML files and links are updated
  • Copying web pages
  • Open discovered URLs for crawling new sites

The data that is collected can be utilized for various purposes. For example, the collected data can be used by search engines like Google to find specific content or it can be evaluated for improving the quality of content. And in turn, that content will lead the users to your website. This is the organic form of lead generation that more businesses are engaging in.

How Does Custom Web Crawler Work?

As we have already introduced what is a custom web crawler, let us understand more about their working. Understanding the working will help you get the clear idea of the basic functioning of the web crawler.

Firstly, the crawler begins with one seed page and collects the content from there. Then, it performs custom data extraction from the page followed by finding another page and repeats the entire process. Why, you ask? Well, this helps in providing the best information in the easiest and fastest way to the user. WebDataGuru is the best in providing such web data solutions to all kinds of industries.

Role Of Web Crawler In Digital Marketing

Now, we dig deeper by knowing how web crawlers are the very base of digital marketing and how it can enable you to be precise with your communication.

1. Helps In Finding Potential Leads

If you are a company that offers quality content it is important for you to know when companies are looking for content writers like you so that you can make a pitch. However, finding this information manually on the sites such as LinkedIn and other job portals can be a tedious task and quite time-consuming. However, with a custom web crawler, you will be able to have access to the data fast and in a structured format that you can understand and utilize easily.

Not just that, if you are into manufacturing and you want to generate lead, then your first step should be web data extraction. Well, with a data that is relevant, you can focus on targeting the audience you want. Also, not to forget, data is in millions and manually it can’t be done. So, automated web crawlers come into picture to help you achieve your goals quickly.

2. For Competitor Analysis

The web crawlers are especially helpful in custom data extraction of enormous information about the competitors. It can be time- consuming to collect the competitor’s data such as their pricing strategy especially when there is a lot of data. The marketing and sales department can significantly benefit from web crawlers. It will offer a chance to review what has worked for the competitors and what has not. This will enable you to apply the same in your business. Competition and market dynamics always go hand in hand and getting a closer look into their strategies will help you understand your plan of action.

WebDataGuru provides best competitor analysis data in the best possible way.

The best way of using a custom web crawler for digital marketing is as follows:

1. Pricing

You can easily change and adjust your prices based on the insight from custom data extraction to compete with the competitors. And this is all done in an automated manner, so you can focus on your operations and the web data tools are at work for you.

2. Offers

Introduce new discounts and deals for existing and potential customers. Offers and price drops always work and will always draw more customers for every business. Now, who doesn’t like to get a good deal? So, if you have a web crawler then you can get an idea that what kind of pricing trends are going on the eCommerce platform.

3. Content Analysis

Understand what works for competitors and create relevant content for business. Content is the ultimate king in today’s digital era. With most of the world’s population using smartphones, the attention span of a user has dropped to 3 seconds. That means you have to capture your target audience in the first 3 seconds itself. And, that can only be done with powerful content.  This can be done with a good analysis of the type of content your customers enjoy.

4. Product

Helps in monitoring new features of the competitor’s products and how it was received by the customers. Product specifications can be improved with the data relevance and the market demands. Many a times, companies fail to take into consideration about the customer needs and that backfire. So, with web crawler, products can be made more precise to the customer demands.

5. Target Audience

Find out the marketing segments you are missing on.

6. New Competitors

It helps in finding out new businesses which are cropping up at all times.

Keeping Pace With Trends

To gain an edge over the competitors you must stay updated with the latest trends and information regarding your vertical. When you have access to up-to-date information gathered from custom data extraction you can get an insight into what your customers need and which new segments can be targeted. The custom web crawlers make it easy by collecting enormous information and storing it in one place.

Real Reviews Of Your Brand

It is a well-known fact that only a few of the customers provide you with detailed feedback. Even when they offer, it might be biased or not of much value. However, with a web crawler, you will get data on posts, reviews, and comments on external websites or forums. Not just that, you will be able to get reviews from about your competitors as well.

And one of the best things is that the reviews are genuine. This is extremely insightful information for marketing. You will easily find what works for you and what doesn’t.

1.Find Listicles

With the help of custom web crawlers, you can find where your competitors are listed along with other listing sites on your vertical as well as the contact details. This information will help you in getting listed on several sites and get potential traffic to your website. You will also be able to track other articles and blogs for getting your business mentioned.

2.Choosing Right Vendors

If your business relies on a third-party service for supplies, you can perform some research when choosing the best option. Web crawlers will help in getting important information such as pricing as well as service availability of several vendors for specific services. This can come in handy while choosing marketing services/ tools.

It is important to choose the right web crawler for custom data extraction which can offer insightful information for your business. After all, choosing the correct marketing tool for your business can prove to be helpful in more than one way. It will affect the quantity, quality, and type of data collected so that the team can use it easily and also integrate the same with the existing process. There are many web crawlers in the market and you can choose the one depending on your preferences and business needs as well as the features of the crawler.

Power-Up Digital Marketing like never Before

If you want to give your business the much-needed boost, using a web crawler can be one of the best decisions. As observed from the above-mentioned information, web crawler can offer information which can help your business in several ways that too in a cost-effective manner. With a web crawler, any business can gain more information about the relevant industry, competitors, pricing, trends, and much more to give a new dimension to their business ad come up with strategies for success.

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