Data extractors are developed to essentially make your life simpler by leaps and bounds. It is made so that you can significantly reduce your workload. This article aims at telling you details about the LinkedIn Data Extractor, which has many features and benefits.


There are several tools, which will make sure you do not have to manually search for relevant profiles. The LinkedIn Data Extractor will extract important data like First Name, Last Name, Current Position, Current Company, Industry, Email address, Phone number, Education, State, Country, Address, Website, Source URL and Number of Connections. It also supports all kind of accounts, including recruiter and premium profiles. By using the LinkedIn Data Extractor, you no longer have to browse through multiple accounts as you will have the information systematically presented to you in a more organized and comprehensible manner.


The features of this software include an on-screen dashboard that will give all the information in one place. You have the option of searching by first name or last name, any keyword of your preference, location, company, industry or any other factor that is in your head. You can choose to find profiles, which have email id given, or all profiles. You also have a proxy management option to avoid IP blocking. You can even choose to obtain information in many formats of your choice, namely in CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, and SQL formats.

Why us:

You should consider switching to our LinkedIn Data Extractor as it is highly cost effective and efficient. The time required to do the job will be far lesser and our software will work on most operating systems. Moreover, our business model is that of Data-as-a-service (DAAS) and this ensures maximum benefits for those looking for quick data.

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